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Reckless Endangerment by the Liberal Media

Will they be the cause of America’s Demise?

History repeats itself. Conservatives who complain rightfully about “false news”, are following in the footsteps of their brethren’s in the British Parliament 100 years ago.

Stanley Baldwin, a first cousin of Rudyard Kipling, delivered a speech at Queens Hall in London in 1931. The speech in my opinion was fair, identifying several papers and tabloids for their unbiased reporting.

He then called out engines of propaganda and agents of political parties that were propaganda machines. Today we would say that they were supporting a political narrative. They were in lockstep with the ruling powers in parliament and with the government bureaucratic class that was gaining power rapidly while socialism in Great Britain was becoming ever more popular. It is one thing when the press supports a political party, it is another thing when the press supports the government bureaucratic class and those in power. Freedom of the press was designed for the press to keep a check on government not to be the friend of government. When the press becomes the tool of government, they are no different than Pravda or part of the Joseph Goebbels Nazi propaganda machine. The words spoken by Baldwin and penned by Kipling at the end of his speech are as relevant today as they were back then:

“What the proprietorship of these papers is aiming at is power, and power without responsibility—the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages”.

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Power without responsibility is what our media is all about. In Boise, Washington DC and throughout our country we see newsrooms marching to the beat of a progressive liberal drum. It is not only what they report, but the way they report it, and what they don’t report. Think about the “fake Russian collusion” stories that were reported with vigor, and the Hunter Biden laptop story that was reported on by a few news agencies years after the fact. So, who is running our government? Who controls the data that will help citizens elect our representatives? Not the info babes and guys that are in front of the camera or write the columns. It is the heads of News Organizations like Jeff Bezos, or McClatchy bankruptcy trustees (I still can’t find out the status of that situation)

Did you know that 75% of those who died from Covid were over the age of 70? Did you know that 90% of those who died were over the age of 50? Did you know in Idaho only one child died without any comorbidities from Covid under the age of 12? Many more will die from H3N2 Flu and RSV this year. Did you know that scientists across the world knew that zero Covid was never a possibility, and that flattening the curve was possible and temporary, and that pandemics that end in endemics always happen? Has anyone mentioned that maybe isolating the elderly and those at risk with comorbid conditions and allowing everyone else to continue as usual especially in schools and businesses would have allowed for rapid “herd immunity” that may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives?

In fairness, Audrey Dutton did report in the Idaho Capital Sun that in June of 2021 over 16,300 school age children had tested positive and/or had become ill with Covid-19, and none had died. Not a harlot she!

But where is a call for a morbidity and mortality review of the Idaho Covid response? The CDC and NIH have come out with a “self-critique” and much to my surprise they have been very critical of their actions. Dr. Fauci on the other hand seems incapable of self-reflection. I could say the same about our Governor and his “advisory committee of lobbyists and special interests”. There needs to be an independent review of the Idaho Covid response and I invite our legislature to appoint such a committee. I would be happy to offer up some names for the job.

Betsy Russell, Melisa Davilon, and Brian Holmes and Channel 7 could lead the call for such a project—or not. It may dry up their “unnamed sources”. They’d have to get permission from their “proprietors”. We do not have an independent press in Idaho or Washington DC or in most of the United States. I was able to find and research such a newspaper. It is in Arnold Nebraska—population 597 in 2010. No harlots in Arnold!

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Thanks Dr Livingston for trying to spread correct information on Covid and the media.
It is too bad that the National Media refuses to tell the truth to the people.
Keep up the good work.

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