The Reality of a DREAMers Nightmare

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Call me tough. Call me insensitive. Call me whatever you want, but enough already with these DREAMers. Enough. They whine, and they cry; they tug at our heart strings. They protest in the streets for their rights – their R-I-G-H-T-S.

We’ve heard it all, and “Frankly my dear…” – Well, you know the rest of this line if you’re over 30 and have watched one of the greatest movies ever to grace the silver screen. If you don’t know Clark Gable’s famous words, that’s a sad story too, but I digress.

We have been hit over the head to the point of concussion with “these young people, who are here through no fault of their own.” Blah, blah, blah. Well here’s some news for the DREAMers – call it a wake up to reality: Life isn’t fair, and the sooner you come to that hard truth the better. This self-centric way of thinking shows your immaturity. Grow up DREAMers; it’s time to face the music.

In maturity, perhaps you can peek outside of your self-inflicted autistic world and see that there are other people in this country of over 300 million. Yes, they pay their taxes, save for their children’s tuition, sign up to serve in the military and DIE. Yes, DREAMers, you aren’t the only ones who have dreams.

How about all those poor suckers standing in line to get a visa or a green card? What about their dreams? Or aren’t they allowed to dream – only you? Your dreams matter. Theirs? Who cares? Columnist Michelle Malkin has it right when she says:

The left-wing DREAM racket is a self-perpetuating political marketing machine. Its primary contribution to American society? Lashing out at how cruel, racist, ignorant and ungrateful the rest of us are for not bowing down before the hallowed angel children of the Obama administration’s amnesty program. It’s no coincidence that the publicity-hungry leaders of the DREAMer movement are full-time fulminators in government-funded academia, community organizing outfits, immigration law foundations and the grievance-nursing media.

You go girl. Tell it like it is. Ever wonder who hides behind those friendly black Antifa masks? I’ll hazard a guess here. Could it be that some of them are DREAMers? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s high time these folks come to grips with ONE TRUE THING:

The U.S. is a sovereign republic. We have a right, nay a responsibility, to guard who comes, who goes and yes, who stays. We have a right and a responsibility to our people who work hard and foot the bill for you. And we are getting tired – oh so very tired – of carrying the load for those who live outside our laws and claim their rights. If we are to be a civil society we can and must abide by the rule of law.

What Mr. Obama did was crown himself king of the republic and make a holy mess of things (as monarchs are wont to do.) The mess dropped into the lap of the current president, who reveals himself a man with emotions and yes, heart strings that have been tugged to the point of breaking, like a rubber band that snaps and leaves a red mark on your wrist. He’s done the best he can with an untenable situation, and he’s being excoriated for it. But at least he’s mature enough to know that life isn’t fair.

So today, dear readers, as you hear one sob story after another on the tube and in print, I urge you to stop the emotional blackmail. Don’t let these frauds who mask themselves as the media tell you how to feel and try to make you feel guilty.

And to those of you who call yourself DREAMers, well it’s about time to wake up. You have no right to anything. You deserve nothing. Life isn’t fair. Grow up and stop dreaming because my friends, your dream just became a nightmare.

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