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This Time Read the Resume – Our Country is at Stake

Kevin Miller spoke about the first black president and now the first women nominated for president. We have now had almost 8 years with the first black president and he has almost brought our country to its knees as a world power. World governments have lost respect for us both militarily and economically. For those who thought this was a good experiment I say go back to the drawing board because this has been a tragedy in American history. No one looked at Obama’s resume before electing him so we elected a 1st term senator with a law degree, no business experience who was taught by anarchists to be a community leader.

Now we have a wannabe former first lady who has 30 years of corruption in her background who married a gigolo that used and abused women for most of his political life. She failed at being Secretary of State when she did not protect American citizens under attack in Libya and was part of the cause for the current instability in the Middle East. She is someone who has used her position to sell her teleprompter reading capabilities to the highest bidders raising tens of millions of dollars for herself but complains about how America doesn’t take care of its poor and how we need to tax the rich more. I don’t think America is ready for this second experiment. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity about doing the same thing over and over again.

This time I’ll take the outsider with who is not politically correct but has a great resume built a 10 billion dollar empire, talks straight to the people and has the potential to be one of our greatest presidents of all time. Vote how you will but this time read the resume because we will get the government we deserve.

The preceding were Tea Party Bob’s comments on this morning’s Kevin Miller show on 580 KIDO.

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