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Raul Labrador – Answering the Tough Questions

If you missed the Town Hall meeting with Raul Labrador, you missed a good one as he took a lot of questions and, unlike Tommy Ahlquist the Urban Renewal Cowboy, he actually had answers and solutions to many of the problems our current administration has failed to address.

To start off, it’s nice to know that our next governor will have a well-formed relationship with our President and Vice President and many of the federal agency heads. That is something we haven’t had for many years. This means when we have a problem with the Federal government our governor can pick up the phone and call every player from the President on down and get a positive response.

What kind of response do you think Tom Ahlquist or Brad Little would get? Maybe something like “Who’s Calling from where”. Having spent three terms in Congress, Raul Labrador is well suited to run our state and he has the necessary relationship to deal with the feds especially since we get 36% of our state budget from them.

Below you will find questions asked about different subjects and the answers given by Congressman Labrador.

Immigration: Congressman Raul Labrador has a bill in Congress that would make it more difficult for refugees to enter our country. There would be stringent vetting of any new refugees and the limits on how many would be allowed to enter would be a matter for Congress to decide not the president. HIs bill would also allow states and cities to decide to opt-out of the refugee resettlement program.

Idaho’s Federally Controlled Land: He believes his current plan which he has presented to start managing incremental portions of this federal land by our state which will eventually prove that our state is more capable than the federal government and we will be able to expand to larger parcels over time.

Water Rights: He believes that established Water rights belong to the owners in order of succession, not by government dictate.

Planned Parenthood: He would like to see it defunded.

Taxes: He believes that he can lower taxes to 5% Personal 5% Corporate and 5% Sales. And close loopholes.

Tax incentives: New corporations relocating would get no tax breaks and stop Government from picking winners and losers. New water rights need to be purchased from the owners.

Gas Tax: He would look into funding roads through the general fund.

Reduce Regulation: After being elected governor he will ask Agency Dept. Heads to turn in their resignation and reapply for their jobs. He would also ask them to detail what their agency does and why it is necessary.

Education: He believes in parental choice, local control, vouchers and that the money should follow the child. He wants to get Idaho out of Common Core and install Idaho’s own high standards.

CBD Oil: The Congressman has sponsored legislation that would make CBD oil legal in all 50 states for medicinal purposes but is not “there yet” on marijuana in a cigarette smoking format.

Healthcare: We are going to have to start looking into the use of integrative medicine and believes this should be a choice of the patient or parent. Also, believes in giving block grants to the states to allow the states to decide how to care for their most vulnerable.

Urban Renewal: He thinks the way urban renewal is government picking winners and losers and needs to be reformed as it is unfair to many competing businesses and to taxpayers in many cases. Urban Renewal needs to go back to actual renewal not taking 500 acres of farmland and turning it into a multi-level complex development of business and residential structures.