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Protocols for Death?

The Gem State Patriot would like to thank Viki Purdy, Mila Wood, and Laura Demeray for their efforts in bringing us this video on Victims of Pandemic Policy & Law. Here is a link to the video presentation which is quite lengthy but it is worthwhile watching.

In several previous articles, we have written about Idahoans who were admitted to local hospitals for treatment of the Covid 19 virus and almost didn’t survive their stay. These people whose advocates took them out of these hospitals before they expired were the lucky ones. They were able to get transferred out of the hospitals with federal protocols before it was too late to save them. During a recent conference held at the Nampa Civic Center on September 26th we were able to hear the stories from some of Idaho’s citizens who came very close to death’s doorstep because of hospital protocols mandated by the Federal Government in order to receive federal covid funds.

These protocols ended up endangering the lives of many Idahoans and some never made it out of their hospital beds. The patients who did make it out of these hospitals talked about their horrible experiences where they were left alone for hours, had little to eat and could have no visitors including family. The only time it appeared that patients could have visitors is if their visitors were the patients advocates that requested to see them and even than hospitals made these visits difficult. There was a pattern with all the hospitals in the entire state and in the country for that matter where patients got minimal medications most of which didn’t work. Hospitals made it clear during this emergency that when enough federal money is involved, they will adhere to whatever protocols are issued by the federal government if they want to receive these federal funds. It appeared that money was more important than the welfare of the patient. We do not know how many of the covid patients were subjected to these protocols or how many died because of them but for sure we will never hear the entire story as it will be hidden from the public as so many other problems with covid have already been covered up.

Many hospitals around the country instituted these Federal Protocols so they could receive millions of dollars in federal funds but at what cost to the patients in their care?

The following paragraph is pure Satire from the Babylon Bee.

In September of 2021, the Members of The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) voted to make major changes to the Hippocratic Oath for the first time since the 1960s. Specifically, the Oath for new doctors is being adjusted to exclude both the unborn and the unvaccinated. The following is a quote from the Babylon Bee in September of 2021. “The changes we’re making to the Oath are long overdue,” said Dr. Sarah Butcher, a member of the AAMC ruling council. “The concept that physicians should attempt to do no harm to the unborn or the unvaccinated has no place in modern society.” So, if you’re a Doc and you’re not WOKE you could wind up going BROKE and out of a job.

Finding a doctor nowadays who is old school is getting to be impossible if they are working for a major medical facility. Doctors who work for these large facilities are no longer in control of their lives or how they treat patients. They are under the rule of corporate managers who are subject to the edicts laid out by the corporate executives who manage these facilities. We have seen this in our major hospitals in Idaho where a bedside manner has been traded for expediency and profitability.

When we look back over the past 10 to 15 years, we have seen the many quality medical clinics which had served our state have been slowly absorbed into the major medical facilities who have corporatized medical care to the point where it appears that we are no longer people but just names and numbers. Medical care in America has become totally socialized to the point that the former doctor patient relationship has turned into the doctor payor relationship and the medical facilities are only worried about how much they will receive in transfer of payments from the federal government. Medicine has become a game of how much revenue can be gained from the exploitation of patients instead of how much doctors can actually improve our health. We fear that the days of a true doctor patient relationship are a thing of the past, however; you will still find some of those relationships in many of our rural areas whereas it has been lost forever in the central population hubs of our state. It is more important than ever to choose your physician very carefully these days as your life could truly depend on it.

“When Government Takes Over Medical Care the People Lose” Choose your Doctor carefully.

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My wife and son did not get the , COVID doc for common sense and research of it’s formulation. We are are Military family and receive all the docs for all places we were assigned. We never had any bouts wihe COVID. Just follow the Money.

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