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Press Release: Congressman Fulcher’s Statement on Final Continuing Resolution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 1st, 2023

CONTACT: (202) 225-6611

WASHINGTON, D.C. — “The wide-open Southern Border continues to be the most dangerous exposure to the United States for human trafficking, terrorism, drugs, and illegal migrants to enter unabated. The White House’s spending spree has crippled American families with high inflation and unsustainable energy prices. That’s why conservatives voted to secure the Southern Border, restrain spending, and bring the House Floor to regular order in the appropriations process.” Fulcher said.

“The House of Representatives has passed several appropriations bills over the last few months to fund more than 70% of the Federal Government. To be clear, Chuck Schumer’s Senate has not passed any regular appropriation bills. Throughout this entire process, I have supported efforts to keep the government funded, control spending, and end chaos at the Southern Border. Unfortunately, the most recent Continuing Resolution does not address these pressing matters my constituents want addressed. Therefore, I opposed this final Continuing Resolution.” Fulcher concluded.

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4 replies on “Press Release: Congressman Fulcher’s Statement on Final Continuing Resolution”

Thank you for your correct vote “holding the line” against overwhelming pressure to “go along to get along .” Deep cuts in the size and scope of government has been desperately needed for decades!

Fulcher voted against the final CR–only after voting FOR the initial CR. The first vote was a safe one, because 21 courageous Republicans voted against it and it couldn’t possibly pass with a border bill attached–because McCarthy’s marxist friends on the other side of the aisle would not vote for a border bill. It was safe to vote against the final CR because the marxists WOULD vote for it, thus providing cover for red-state Republicans to vote no–likely with McCarthy’s blessing.

P.S. There shouldn’t have been a CR in the first place. The House had nine months to prepare appropriations bills. It wasn’t until the last minute, after Matt Gaetz blew the whistle on McCarthy, that they started the appropriations process in earnest and passed several bills. However, once the appropriations process revved up two weeks ago, McCarthy sent everyone home early at 3 pm on a Thursday. Many stalwarts (conservatives and moderates) stayed on and worked on the bills in spite of McCarthy’s tricks.

Then, last week, McCarthy took credit for those appropriations bills being passed, even though he tried to stop them. He also blamed the courageous Republicans for “holding up the appropriations process” which, for anyone paying attention, was clearly a lie.

McCarthy made a side deal with the Democrats on the CR and a bill to give more money to Ukraine.

The Democrats were laughing all the way to the bank on Saturday.


Dear Representative Fulcher,

We the People, now have a much UNEXPECTED VACANCY in the seat of the Speakership of the House of Representatives in D.C. This gives us the, perhaps, propitious or rather auspicious, moment in time to nominate the de jure President of the united states of America, Donald J. Trump. So, my husband Tom, a recent-past Precinct Committeeman from Woodland Precinct, Idaho County, and I are enjoining you to gather up every other Rep. you might be able to and do this FOR the People, for the continuance of our REPUBLIC just in case there comes an actual vacancy in the Offices of President and Vice President via the abdication of those Offices by those who hold it in de facto places of the de jure holders of those Offices.

Thank you and God bless you, AND the (de jure) united states of America now, and to the farthest stars forever and AMEN…Tom and Julia: Igo, Woodland Precinct, Idaho County

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