Please Help “Boise Ben Franklin”

Dear Friends,

We are sending out this notice regarding a dear friend and patriot, Terry Shepard, aka, “Boise Ben”. For years, he worked quietly in the background advancing the principles of liberty. He lobbied two governors and because of his efforts, Idaho has a Liberty Tree in the park across from the Statehouse. He organized annual events where Idahoans would gather on the statehouse steps and hear stories such as the “Shot heard around the world”. He enlisted elected officials who would report to the people and reminded citizens of their duty to be vigilant. He was a tireless warrior and defender of liberty. His love for God and country could not be suppressed.

He is now fighting a different battle with ALS and needs help. The last year he appeared at a Patriot Day Celebration he was unable to stand for the entire event.

He is now confined to bed. His mind is still sharp, his love for his fellow man and fervor for our country burns brightly. He has asked for one thing: that he be allowed to die at home. It sounds like a simple request, but he is now in a nursing home where he is languishing. His home awaits him with a hospital bed and TV where he can watch his favorite news programs and movies. He is on a ventilator and before he can go home he will need to have help there who can assist him with simple tasks that we take for granted. He has qualified for medical care and has medical professionals who come in part-time, but he requires full-time, round-the-clock care. We are looking for people who either have a background in caregiving or are willing to be trained. In exchange, they can live RENT FREE and possibly receive a salary for helping with his care.

If you or someone you know would be interested, please call Elizabeth Hodge at 208-869-1709 for more details.

Please share this with as many others as possible and please keep Terry in your thoughts and prayers for his ability to return to his home.

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