Patriots vs. GOP Wimps: AHCA ‘Partisanship’ Vote Bodes Healthcare Doom

FACT: The Democrat Party of old has been hijacked by ‘progressive’ far left crazies. FACT: The grand old party is almost saturated with reluctant-Trumpers and fools that don’t grasp the socialist dangers of ObamaCare’s government-controlling tentacles being left in the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Patriots should be calling them wimps!

Rand Paul’s plea to a listening and supportive President Trump to ‘repeal now and replace (fine tune) later’ has only met stiff resistance from puppet leaders Ryan and McConnell and now McConnell even going beyond resistance so far as to actually say he might go across the aisle (to Crazyland) for support in getting his (keeping most of ObamaCare) AHCA plan passed.


Where are the Republicans we voted in and that passed over 60 bills to repeal ObamaCare during its inception? What happened is obvious: $$$ and power happened! Why else do these bums of the GOP change their minds so drastically all of a sudden? They are not patriots who uphold the oaths they swore to the Constitution! They are turncoat fools and wimps! And if you want to really get ticked off, get this: The bill repealing the AHCA’s exemption for Congress passed the House. So now you know they are greedy turncoat fools and wimps!

A straight out repeal of ObamaCare is a simple classic matter of “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Or, where there is a will, there is a way! However, in Washington DC, it appears where there is a will there is also a lot of money and political trade-offs to help an otherwise patriot to go to the dark side.

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Americans must recognize that all the stuff being left in the AHCA is still chock full of ObamaCare regulations, taxes and insurance company bailouts; a whole lot of socialism. It is designed to fail so it can go to single payer.


Senator Rand Paul: “Now too many Republicans are falling over themselves to stuff hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars into a bill that doesn’t repeal Obamacare and feeds Big Insurance a huge bailout. Obamacare regulations? Still here. Taxes? Most still in place, totaling hundreds of billions of dollars. Insurance company bailouts? Those, too.”

Paul also railed against the inclusion of a stability fund of nearly $200 billion to help support the ObamaCare exchanges on the individual market, using tax credits to pay down the cost of insurance, much like ObamaCare does now as well as keeping cost sharing subsidies to insurers for two years. He also bashes the secretive process, saying he prefers the bill be crafted by committee and include a public hearing.


In the first place, all the government involvement in healthcare is unconstitutional. Government’s enumerated powers has nothing to do with healthcare. The proposed AHCA has everything to do with creating a program that eventually must be recognized doesn’t work and we will be told must be taken over fully by the government to protect us, a single payer system run by the all-knowing and all-controlling government supported by very high taxes. The naïve insurance companies get it in the shorts and freedom loving Americans become socialists. How will you like that comrade? A government, of, by and for the government that really knows best for you, you know, ‘Sandersville’ or ‘Freebieland’ where redistribution and government controls abound.

What can we do? It’s time to tell our Senators and Representatives to raise all the hell they can in Congress! Tell them this is America and if elected officials love all the government run stuff so much they should go somewhere else and live.

Americans expect the freedom to choose if we want insurance, shopping for it (even across state lines) and choosing how much we want. Our freedoms are what have given us all our opportunities. We should always fight for all of them.

Personal freedom does not and should not have any guarantees, subsidies, freebies or protections other than that enumerated for the government to provide. It’s up to an individual to be personally responsible for life choices.

For some insight on how the poor could get some version of government-run healthcare that’s cheap with no-frills, and even free, see Wayne Root’s ‘How to Solve the Healthcare Crisis in 5 Minutes.’

“Freedom is difficult to understand because it isn’t a presence but an absence — an absence of governmental constraint.” — “A Time for Truth,” William E. Simon, Secretary of the Treasury for Presidents Nixon and Ford

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