Overrun Part Deux

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The refugee settlement program meeting held September 22, 2015 at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls was well attended. I’d estimate about 800 seats were filled out of 900 available at the Fine Arts Auditorium. The onlookers were soothed by a host of panelists all with positive skin in the resettlement game; the event carefully orchestrated by the Twin Falls Times News. About one third of those in attendance were wild supporters of the refugee program clapping at every opportunity to sustain the notion that the new arrivals to Twin Falls would be a net economic gain as well as being a great humanitarian effort. The panel of resettlement experts courted the obvious plants who fanned their talking point responses from carefully hand pick questions written and returned from the audience to the Times News moderators who posed as journalists. The whole dog and pony show was so sickly sweet I had to look for a paper bag to hold my contempt.

You may wish to know the contentious issue of Muslim Syrian resettlement in Twin Falls is no local matter. This is a federal issue as promulgated by Congress some thirty years ago so if you’re displeased, contact your Congressman so claimed Lawrence Bartlett, Director of Refugee Admissions from the State Department. We are talking about people here, not their nationality, their race, religion or allegiance to any political persuasion he went on to say. To do so would be un-Constitutional according to this expert. So with limited available scrutiny for many seeking refugee status the door swings open to any and all.

The resettlement of Muslim war refugees is unsettling at best. The humanitarian effort as touted is all for not if only a few of the 8 million Syrians displaced can be relocated. Even more concerning, none of their Arab neighbors are willing to accept them. It seems the solution to this world wide refugee problem might be the exportation of liberty rather than importation of desperate souls. Again the United States steps up to the plate along with the economically stressed Europeans who are digging deeper their own multi-cultural quagmire. Although I realize the tremendous pain and misfortune these troubled souls suffer I don’t see the decades old refugee program as a solution let alone a band-aide to the war ravaged Middle East.

The refugee resettlement program is another multi-layered federal bureaucracy spawned by the multi-faceted United Nations. The federal food chain includes elements of the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State cascading all the way down our home town College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center. The seemingly humanitarian program feeds many bureaucrats while hiding the ugly truth that those saved souls have landed themselves in a land altered by a social conscience corrupted from generations of feel good programs. The truth of their status was revealed as the politically correct symposium progressed.

Refugees have eight months to get settled, find a job and become self-sufficient. Not much time for someone who doesn’t speak the language in a foreign land of cultural incongruence. You may be surprised that most find work within two months. Yes, they are raking in that minimum wage and damn happy to have it. You might think that they would be poor employees handicapped by all the roadblocks that would stifle most American workers. You would be wrong to arrive at that conclusion. These workers don’t complain and work hard day in and day out we were told by Zeze Rwasama, Director of CSI’s Refugee Center. I suppose you’d be nose to the grind stone too if you knew that death was recently escaped. Amazing isn’t it that within two months most are fully employed and yet even after 99 weeks of unemployment benefits for American workers many continue to waste away on Dunkin Donuts and afternoon soap operas. Welcome America to a new generation of import labor. No wonder the crowd rose up and cheered at the news hearing these new conscripts would soon pay taxes; most likely dependent upon this new crop of indentured for continued benefits. What a juxtaposition of humanitarian conscience. Are we turning a blind eye to the eventual clash of cultures every society that has embraced Muslim migration reals from just to find somebody to milk the cows? Best look more carefully at the bigger picture.

More information from The Voice of Idaho News is available here.

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