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Our Duty to Compete

Since the November 3rd election, the left has become increasingly more afraid of Donald Trump. If the “fake media” reports were correct, we have come to the end of the Trump era in American politics and we are moving forward into the “Post Constitutional” era of governance. But here is what people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney and John Kasich and the Bush boys know and see: Donald Trump over the past 4 months has become not just a former President and politician, he has become an idea.

The idea started with Barry Goldwater and went through Ronald Regan and runs through people like Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul, and who knows what the future holds for conservativism. But as they try to marginalize and characterize individuals—look what they did to Sarah Palin and what they tried to do to Judge Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh—their ability to engage in the arena of ideas has deteriorated The liberal progressive left cannot confront the basic principles of conservatism because they have found that their arguments of big government and big brotherhood don’t run true with the American people.

Look at blue-collar workers, union members, blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans—all who voted in higher numbers for Mr. Trump’s ideas than for any other Republican since Eisenhower. And who is in the new Democratic coalition? The elites—academics—mostly in the humanities, media and Hollywood, big tech and Silicon Valley and Wall Street Investment bankers with strong ties to China and China itself.

But here is where Mr. Trump becomes even scarier. Unlike so many in the elite liberal classes, he has forsaken the very privileges that were once available to him and his family. Privileges that those elites fear they are losing. The great life lesson that Donald Trump learned as he grew older was that privilege corrupts. Those who are privileged—and I am not talking about “white privilege” but social, economic and political privilege, learn early in life that you always do what money can buy instead of what duty demands. Donald Trump turned his back on privilege and chose duty. What an incredible unselfish act. Almost reminds us of our Founding Fathers who pledged their “lives honor and property” for the cause of liberty. Talk about laying it all on the line and being unselfish.

There is one more thing that Donald Trump has that his political enemies are jealous of—the relationship that he has with his supporters—the majority of voters in our country. Donald Trump has done something that they are incapable of doing. He has poured his heart and soul into them. The majority of the elite cannot begin to understand that fact because they are all about acquiring money and power for themselves. Cocktail parties with moneyed supporters and lobbyists is a way of life in Washington (and Boise for that matter). Very few politicians have ever had a connection with their constituents like Donald Trump has had and this connection with Trump the man and Trump the idea is just getting stronger as we see the progressive socialist agenda being rolled out.

One other thing very different when comparing people who are privileged and people who are duty-bound. The privileged are afraid to COMPETE, most of the time because they have never had to. Lou Piniella the famous manager of the New York Yankees once said about a player with great talent, but who wasn’t able to be successful at the highest level “He will never be a tough competitor, he has never learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable” Too many of our elite, those that make up a large portion of the progressive socialist coalition, have never learned to compete. They have always been comfortable. Donald Trump purposefully put himself in harm’s way, put himself in uncomfortable positions, precisely so he could compete—for everyday people who compete every day in their lives for a better life for themselves and their children.

Trump supporters love him because he competes for them. He “fights like hell” MAGA

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President Trump was & could be our generation’s George Washington ‘IF’ this generation of patriots have the backbone to halt this treasonous revolution & unlawful election overthrow from enemies within our own government by anti-American Rinos & Marxist Democrats.
America’s Founders wisely foresaw political corruption & created Oath of Office Contracts & empowered Citizens with the lawful authority to promptly remove corrupt or treasonous public servants. Citizens are America’s Oath Contract Enforcers.
American’s 2nd Amendment rights are of no value to citizens who are too meek to exercise their lawful rights & authority to peacefully maintain & restore representative government for themselves.
President Trump paved the path to cleaning-up the political swamp that we allowed to flourish. History will reflect if we had the backbone to follow his leadership as our commander & defeat this 2nd Revolution.

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