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Is this an Orwellian Nightmare?

In a recent article of Natural News, it is reported that Adam Schiff, a leftist, democratic leader from California, has sent letters to both Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of Facebook, and to the head of Google asking them to implement a campaign that would impede the free flow of information on vaccines that did not align with the official narrative that all vaccines are 100% safe and effective.

He even went so far as to blame several recent outbreaks of measles on anti-vaccine information that is available on social media. Schiff believes that social media giants like Facebook and Google should be used to promote and actively steer users to only pro-vaccine content to protect citizens from anti-vaccine information.

Adam Schiff is the same congressional dummy who claimed there was evidence that President Trump has colluded with the Russians despite the fact that no evidence has been found to prove those accusations. Now, this same idiot that was elected to Congress in California wants every American to be coerced through the social media giants to drink the government cool aide by allowing these social media giants to only promote pro-vaccine propaganda and to hide any and all inferences that vaccines could be dangerous. If vaccines are completely safe, why do we have a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that has paid out close to 4 billion in claims since 1986?

It should also be noted that Google took action with its YouTube platform to actually demote anti-vaccine videos while leaving up videos that promote or that are favorable to vaccines. This is Big Pharma, government, and social media at their worst in mounting an attack on the American people by restricting the information they might receive during searches for relevant information on vaccines. They are doing this even though many measles outbreaks in the past were in populations that were fully vaccinated. Schiff claims that there is strong evidence that outbreaks of measles are caused by people reading alternative information about vaccines on Facebook. Here is a man who needs a reality check. He claims he has strong evidence Trump colluded, and now he claims that he has strong evidence that alternative information causes measles outbreaks. It would be almost laughable if it weren’t so serious.

The big question is how much is Schiff receiving from Big Pharma in campaign contributions and how are Google and Facebook planning on profiting from changing their algorithms and positions of videos for YouTube? Both of these organizations need to be investigated and, if it is found that they are manipulating their information in a way as to conceal alternative medical advice, they need to be punished by regulation in some fashion by the FCC or a new government agency that would be qualified to monitor their actions.

If the people of America want to live in an Orwellian 1984 world, just keep electing idiots like Adam Schiff who would like to turn this country into a controlled state where anything you read or listen to through the media is first edited by Big Brother. We already have a fake media that edits the news we read and hear every day, and if it were not for the internet and media like Fox News, we would never get the truth.

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