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OPINION: Women Don’t Belong in Front Line Combat Positions

In 1775 the United States Marine Corps was founded. The combat arm of the navy, they continue to be the most ‘combat ready‘ of all America’s armed forces. “The few, the proud, the Marines” is a slogan which permeates their 246 years of service to our country. I myself am a Marine “Once a Marine, always a Marine” being a slogan only applicable to the Marine Corps.

Today the Marines face challenges as never before from unauthorised and ill-planned wars to the ‘social correction‘ and ‘wokification‘ of the corps. Potentially more deadly than any of the Marine Corps’ actions in war is that of ‘Social Correctness‘ or if you will, ‘wokification‘ of this august body.

In their efforts to neuter the Marine Corps the Biden Administration has begun to reweave the very fabric of the Marines. With the ‘wokification‘ of the Corps we can see an all out effort to insert women into front-line combat roles. This is a move strongly resisted by damned near every United States Marine!

In the course of researching this paper Max Allen Media reached out to 1,412 male Marines and 800 female Marines with a simple question: “Would you be comfortable going into combat along side female Marines?” The results surprised this reporter:

Male Marines: 87% said, NO | 8% said, YES | 5% said, NOT SURE.

Female Marines: 76% said, NO | 14% said, YES | 10% said, NOT SURE.

Admittedly, I was somewhat surprised to see so many Woman Marines opposed to fighting on the front lines. I was not at all surprised at the number of Male Marines who said they would be opposed to women backing them up in a conflict.

Understand this: The Marine Corps is unique among American fighting forces as virtually every Marine is a basically qualified rifleman and can be expected to be plucked from his secondary occupation [such as cook, jet mechanic, clerk, etc.] and dropped into his primary occupation [MOS 0311 Infantryman]. Such is not the case with Army, Air Force, Navy, Space Force, or Coast Guard. In those forces their personnel are specifically trained in a single MOS [Occupational Specialty] and will only ever see combat in the unlikelihood that their base is overrun by hostiles. In the Marine Corps virtually every Marine is first and foremost 0311 Infantryman and qualifies regularly so as to be fit to fulfill that role.

Previous administrations have already ‘watered down‘ standards in the armed forces so that more women can ‘qualify‘ for combat roles. Even the Marines have suffered from this ‘dilution of skills and abilities‘ to bring women ‘into the fold of combat Marines‘. Given this information one must ask one’s self if the idea of allowing women onto the front lines in an active combat role isn’t an intrinsically bad idea.

Both Russia and Israel experimented with female combat units in the 1970’s only to suffer horrific losses in these units. Unwilling to ‘fudge‘ qualification requirements for women so as to ‘qualify‘ them, they chose to dissolve these units.

To date, no major military hosts ‘all woman‘, ‘predominantly woman‘, or even ‘significantly woman‘ combat units. Doing so is just a bad idea all around! Why this is so is still a subject of great debate ranging from social attitudes to biological differences to political motivations. There is a time and a place for that debate, but not here and certainly not now.

For now, I am going on record as saying that allowing women in front line combat roles is a really bad idea!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!