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Open Letter on Law Enforcement

I don’t usually hijack emails but I thought this may be important and worth considering if I ever had an idea that was worthy. I too am very angry about all that is happening, the sad part is that we know why it is happening and we know it will get worse until either the states cower to another overreach of federal authority or the federal government just busts wide open into the states enforcing what it will without our permission…. Or the UN decides to make it way because it feels we are incapable of dealing with the issue on our own. In either or any case, this is where things are headed unless we get more active.

As many of you know, I have still been visiting with sheriffs across the state and all police chiefs, in addition to every officer I can find. I met one last week that even asked me if I were ready for the UN to come in and take our guns. I will take it on authority that many of these guys know exactly what is happening but in more cases than not, unless they are holding it to their chest they don’t know why and the agenda behind it.

It is for this reason that the JBS has urged setting up SYLP ad hoc committees in every town across the country. In my experience when I have asked people to start one, they are either to afraid or hate the force the police use today that make it even more difficult for anyone to support local police. I tell people that it isn’t that I support abusive traffic stops, being put under surveillance and more, but these things could be better dealt with at the local level than if we scare them enough to opt for federal support where things will only get worse.

It is for this reason, I am asking people to consider being more active in a more concerted fashion and considering the most public presentations in support of local police- city halls, statehouse steps, and county courthouses and wherever else we can do them. The point in these presentations is not your typical “we support our men in blue” because even in a totalitarian state people do support the tyranny of police. We need to bring those presentations that show the historical significance behind these shootings, exposing the conspiracy behind Black Lives Matter, the bias of the Southern Poverty Law Center and The Cloward-Piven Strategy. Relate how the Communist Party USA through REVCOM.US with the global banking support is behind this and the agenda is much like it was in the 1960’s where they pushed for federalization of police. Today, it is much more dangerous as they are opting for a Global police force exposed in the Strong Cities Network.

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To me, merely saying with words that we support police isn’t enough. I think of it this way…. If we want law enforcement coming to our rescue and risking their lives for us when we need them, why would we not actively do the same for them? If we do not kick it up a notch, and make it publicly known on a large scale, that we stand with our local Police, my visits and your visits to our local police and sheriffs won’t make a difference. In my view the enlarged efforts must be a concerted and more widespread campaign.

I actually have met with a group from the ISP, County sheriffs and local police chiefs individually from Mountain home to Payette to ask if they would attend a meet and greet, that was originally to include leaders of the Liberty Groups to deal directly with the “right wing extremism” issue, they ALL agreed. I even got an attorney friend of mine to fund it, but it has not received any traction because I cannot get everyone on the same page to attend the event. If you think this is a nice option, please consider what we can do across the state to make more of an impact.

I am still travelling the state speaking with local leaders. I will continue to inform them about what I know and I still have an “IN” with the Idaho Sheriff’s Association, in that they receive information from me every six months to keep them informed on our perspective.

Last December, every county sheriff received a Police under Fire issue magazine from The New American with my card stapled to each copy. This past May they all received “The War on the West” issue exposing Burns and its connection to Bundy and other issues across the country. I was just informed that they were hand delivered to each sheriff in our state. I am preparing literature for the distribution in December and considering an article we did called “From Local Police to Praetorian Guard” which was amazing. I think I also may add our new DVD called “Local vs national police.” Which is the same presentation.

I also found out about the collective organization Idaho Association of Police Chiefs, and have multiple calls into Post Falls Police Chief Scott Hoag but he is probably busy and hasn’t returned my calls yet. My idea was to get to either speak at one of their meetings or at least to distribute literature there like with the ISA. If you have any connections to help make that happen, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any good ideas I can use on better ways to present this please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I thank you all for your time.
Blessed are the peacemakers…

Tom Munds

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