Open Letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

I truly believe that there is not a human being alive today within any federal agency or on the Planet Earth — regardless of expertise, IQ or experience — who can accurately predict with any certainty whatsoever, the outcome of the devastation of four destroyed dams.

Destruction of these dams will be the guaranteed equivalent of a Mother of all bombs launched to devastate an entire region’s economy, agriculture, recreation, and very likely to cost multiple lives lost. Tons of sludge and millions of gallons of water will do what it will… devastating everything in its path. No human mind can precisely predict a safe outcome at all.

Secretary Zinke, I pray that you stop this madness. Save those dams. To destroy the dams is an “Oops” that will cost lives, and likely your career as well.

Your Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) leader, Alan Mikkelsen has an egregious history in Montana as well as Oregon and Northern California, of arrogantly intimidating landowners, farmers and businesses. His loud, boastful mouth and attitude toward his fellow Americans is absolutely tainting your own reputation as Secretary, and this too must stop. He poorly, poorly, reflects your values or anyone else.

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The proposed removal of the dams is consistent with expanding the jackboot of deep state federalism upon states, and additionally consistent with regionalism, globalism, and the substantial erosion of state and private citizen sovereignty. Such a catastrophe must not occur under the Trump administration.

Secretary Zinke, you are in the position to stop this madness. Please, please, do! I cannot imagine that President Trump would support such intentional destruction to thousands of Americans, and urgently hope that you won’t either.

Best regards,

Elaine Willman
Ronan, MT

Elaine Willman is the author of Going to Pieces: The Dismantling of the United States of America and Slumbering Thunder: a primer for confronting the spread of tribalism overwhelming America.

Contact Elaine Willman:
Phone: 509-949-8055

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