Open Letter to Ontario, Canada’s Premier Doug Ford

Dear Premier Ford,

I am one of the many Americans who wish you well in your new charge as Premier of Ontario. I must say your outspokenness and the challenges you are undertaking in ‘Liberaldom’ Ontario seems very Trumpian, so a slogan like Make Ontario Great Again (MOGA) seems in order.

My point in writing this is to open your eyes to what has been going on with this Hydro One debacle that intends to spend nearly $7 billion dollars of Ontario’s borrowed money to venture into another sovereign nation’s affairs to buy Avista, a perfectly healthy electric utility company that doesn’t need any help nor extra money that does business in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Alaska.

I do not believe that Ontario’s Hydro One executives just decided one day to expand into other markets with a business plan that has been a total failure in Ontario. If anything they might have foolishly thought they could buy a company like Avista, here in the Northwestern United States, and milk it for carbon credits by closing dams and coal plants like they have in Ontario. I wouldn’t think that patriotic Ontarians would think like that, only liberal fools who are tools of others.

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No. I believe these people at Hydro One have been pawns of the globalist agenda and this nonsensical borrowing of that kind of money for a foreign entanglement, such as the Avista buyout, at way above market prices with $51 million being paid to Avista executives is all about globalists taking control of our electric grid and water ways injuring our economy and weakening our sovereignty.

The Green Energy Act of 2009 codified Maurice Strong’s dream of global warming and Ontarians are suffering the legacy he created as Hydro One’s chairman back in 1992. Strong mentored Al Gore and Barack Obama, who together created the Chicago Climate Exchange a location for you to pay for your climate indulgences.

Should you not be aware, this buyout had rules that would upset you if you lived here and paid attention to the details in this shady concoction: There is so much that is wrong with this deal like Avista and Hydro One getting permission to not have to divulge proprietary information that is vital to this ‘deal,’ such as: • The Cost of Sharing Formula? • Who is the Golden Share?What are the identities of the holding company parties involved in the Olympus Holding Corp.? • The proposed closing of our valuable and very efficient 13 dams for the sake of cap and trade credits should be criminal.

I believe your most important priorities as I see it from here are completing your audit and your selections of the best people you can find dedicated to accomplishing your goals and their being held accountable to them for the citizens of Ontario. With Ontarians having the most debt per capita of any non-sovereign state in the world you have all you can say grace over without new international conflictions.

Premier Ford, it would be wonderful, if you would announce that you are ending the pursuit of this insane Avista purchase, thereby giving the new management of Hydro One the fullest advantage of focusing on their utmost priorities where they should be, in Ontario, and not doing the bidding of others in the UN/globalist community. We would like to see both Hydro One and our newly organized avoid all the unnecessary organizational and legal expenses that will grow vigorously if this continues. Our group is growing rapidly as we get the word out and will become a force to be reckoned with. We just filed for a NEPA Coordination Process in Spokane, WA on July 23rd.

We here in America wish you the best in your Herculean undertaking. Done well, should awaken Canada to the need for a leader like you in the near future.

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