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Op-Ed Vaccine Mandates Should Be Banned

Idaho’s Legislature will resume the session on November 15th. My most sincere hope is for the Legislature to pass a bill to protect Idahoans from big corporations and “special-interest science.” Our elected leaders need to make vaccine-mandates illegal!

We are inundated with hordes of subject matter experts who are so arrogant in their beliefs they feel entitled to make medical decisions for other individuals and families. It’s deeply disturbing to see these experts refuse to accept any remote probability they could be wrong.

Look, I’m no medical professional and am not in the habit of providing other people medical advice. I believe there should exist a level of humility in America where we respect others personal medical decisions and admit our understanding is imperfect.

Sadly, elitists in the academic & corporate world want us to deem their understanding so complete and so pure that the rest of us mere mortals need not ask any questions. Idaho’s “good ole boys club” defends a corrosive environment where corporations can do whatever they like. Working-class citizens and our economy suffer immensely when big corporations collude.

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One recent example of this type of collusion was when the 3 largest healthcare systems in the state announced on the EXACT same day that they were mandating experimental medical treatments for all their employees and contractors.

Now our communities are plagued with unemployed healthcare professionals and reduced services from hospitals. My own son cannot get a procedure he needs because of the failing healthcare systems.

According to the Idaho Constitution, the state government exists to secure the blessings of freedom and promote our common welfare.

Let me be the first to say, droves of unemployed healthcare professionals created by corporate abuse does NOT promote our common welfare. Republicanism represents the sacred ideal that the principle of personal empowerment creates strong families and robust communities. Individuals should make personal medical decisions, not crony corporatists or academic elitists.

This is a time for bold leadership. Vaccine mandates should be banned. It’s the right thing for our community and our families.

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