OP-ED “Uncertain Times”

We are currently living in uncertain times. I don’t think any of us would have ever thought we would have seen a time like this in our lifetime… Yet here we are, avoiding each other like the plague; spying on our neighbors to see if they are leaving home unnecessarily; and hoarding toilet paper while the economy plunges into the toilet. I would not say we are on the eve of destruction; for as they say, this too shall pass. BUT we are living in a time when we need to be sure of our leaders.

Allow me to explain what I mean… I think that one thing that is for certain, Government has learned an important lesson: with the right crisis, it is not hard to shut down the American people. Now we can debate back and forth whether this was justified or not; but my eyes are on the future, and what it holds for us now that this lesson has been learned: that too much power is easier to seize than perhaps once believed. Our current leaders may have the best interest in mind for the citizens of Idaho; but believe me, they are not the only ones watching…

In this election year, no matter what district you live in, I implore you to vote carefully. Will you be electing a leader who will safeguard against future attempts at Government overreach? Or can they be trusted with your liberty, and the liberty of your children and grandchildren? Will they be a wolf in disguise, watering at the mouth to seize your freedom? Or will they remember that your freedom and your rights are given by God, not by man; therefore no man can take them away?

Again I say, vote carefully. Vote thoughtfully. Vote not just for the instant gratification that “now” holds, but rather vote for the future—your children’s future. And if you are in District 13, here is my promise to you: when elected, I WILL BE a voice that seeks to defend YOUR rights given by God, outlined in the Constitution, and sealed in the blood of our Founding Fathers. I will ALWAYS remember that Government is for the people, by the people, and of the people; and that government exists to serve the people, not enslave them. We are, as they say, in this together—in this struggle to keep and secure our freedom and liberty.

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