Op-Ed by Rick Visser: TJ Thomson is a lifelong liberal Democrat

The Ada County Commissioner race between TJ Thomson and myself is a closely contested race with two very different candidates. I am a lifelong conservative Republican while TJ Thomson is a lifelong liberal Democrat. TJ has the “D” or Democrat designation on the 2016 general election ballot, but he has consistently campaigned for commissioner with little or no mention of his party affiliation. TJ makes no mention that he is a Democrat on his campaign website. None of his campaign signs include the Democrat Donkey. TJ Thomson does not tell Meet and Greet crowds that he is a Democrat. TJ is a closet liberal Democrat in this campaign, and his lack of honesty is disturbing.

TJ Thomson’s party affiliation is very evident. In 2007, TJ posted, “This is a very exciting day in Idaho! Please join us tonight at 6pm for the GRAND OPENING of the Obama for America Office in Boise. … join the efforts to nominate Barack Obama as our Democratic Presidential nominee.” 11/01/07 Boise Weekly.

In 2012 at the Ada County Democratic Presidential Caucus, TJ was still devoted to Obama, saying: “Barack Obama had such a profound impact on my life that I decided to run for public office.” TJ also stated that the Obama presidency “is in the best interest of our country.” 4/14/12 Boise Weekly.

I believe that the Obama presidency has been terrible for our country. Obamacare has devastated America’s small businesses. Obama’s liberal appointees to the federal courts are reshaping our laws. Obama’s policies and executive decisions reflect a strong liberal slant.

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I am opposed to myriads of government regulations. We have many outstanding businesses in Ada County who can be trusted to run their businesses with less government intervention. I am a proponent of private property rights. As a commissioner, I would review every county project with this inquiry: “Is it practical or is it extravagant?” I would be accountable to the taxpayers.

As a 40 year resident of Ada County and also as a family man who has four generations of his family living in Ada County, I am committed to excellence for Ada County. As a Christian, I am committed to encouraging and serving others for the glory of God. As a retired attorney, I am committed to the original intent of the United States Constitution.

Thank you in advance for helping me to make sure that an Obama protégé doesn’t get a political toe hold in Ada County.

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