Obama, UN Pushing Radical LGBT/Abortion Agenda for Sustainable Development Summit

— Reprinted with Permission of The New American magazine —

One hundred-fifty presidents, prime ministers, dictators, and other heads of state are coming. Pope Francis is coming. Thousands of journalists, diplomats, and NGO activists are coming. The United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, to be held September 25-27, at the UN headquarters in New York City, is set to become one of the global body’s biggest confabs ever. In addition to promoting global-warming fears and the UN’s Paris Summit on Climate Change in December, as well as global taxation, education, and environmental goals, the upcoming September gathering will undoubtedly be used as a springboard to impose more population control, abortion, and homosexual/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered “rights” on developing countries that are resisting the “enlightened” perversion of the United Nations and its powerful supporters in the post-Christian governments of the United States and the European Union

Despite huge media and diplomatic pressure to formally include LBGT rights, abortion, and other “sexual and reproductive rights” in the Sustainable Development Goals, the final outcome document approved by the UN General Assembly on September 1 left these items out. This was due to the insistence of an alliance of African, Latin American, and Arab nations, together with the Vatican, which had refused to cave in on these issues during the last three years of contentious negotiations.

In announcing the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised them as a “turning point” and “the start of a new era.” However, the Obama State Department expressed disappointment, stating, “We believe that we could have gone farther and broken new ground. We instead relied on agreed language.”

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Samantha Power, President Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations and one of the administration’s key advocates for the LBGT cause, led a last-minute effort at the United Nations Security Council on August 24 to influence the SDG outcome vote. Regarding this LBGT “historic event” the State Department public affairs office reported:

Today, members of the UN Security Council held their first Arria-formula [off the record] meeting on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) issues, particularly in the context of ISIL’s crimes against LGBT individuals in Iraq and Syria. This historic event recognizes that the issue of LGBT rights has a place in the UN Security Council.

Around the world, the UN has documented thousands of cases of individuals killed or injured in brutal attacks simply because they are LGBT or perceived to be LGBT.

“Injecting” LGBT “Into the DNA of the UN”
Ambassador Power, who is a proponent of expansive use of U.S. and UN military power throughout the world, said the closed-door Security Council palaver “was a very moving meeting” and that it was a big step toward “injecting” the LGBT issue “into the DNA” of the UN.

“Again, we’re getting this issue into the DNA of the United Nations, but until today the Security Council had never broached this topic, and so today also represents a small but historic step,” Power said in a press briefing broadcast by C-SPAN.

“We just have to continue to create dedicated spaces and venues for conversations like the one we just had, raising awareness, showing LGBT people, or those being persecuted, that the UN cares, that the Security Council cares, that the General Assembly cares, that the Human Rights Council cares, that the Member States of the United Nations care — that’s extremely important,” Power said. “But also each of us, as governments, has a responsibility to inject the treatment of LGBT persons into our bilateral relationships as well.”

Power praised President Obama for directing all U.S. government agencies to “inject LGBT rights into our foreign policy,” when it comes to funding for human rights and humanitarian assistance.

These and other efforts by the Obama administration, the EU, and UN to bully member countries into acceptance of the UN’s neo-pagan sexuality have been met with heroic resistance by many Third World nations. However, representatives of these nations are fully aware that, in spite of the fact that the SDG outcome document does not include the deceptive language sought by the sexual and reproductive rights militants, President Obama and the entire pro-abortion/pro-perversion lobby will, nevertheless, attempt to take the SDG process in that direction.

“Sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights cannot be considered to create or imply a right to abortion,” said Senegal’s representative, speaking on behalf of the 54-nation African Group, the UN’s largest regional bloc. Recognizing the UN’s perennial subversive habit of reinterpreting defined language, the African Group also rejected “any interpretation of any terms that runs counter to domestic law.”

The African Group, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and other individual countries also denied there is any basis for considering “sexual orientation and gender identity,” a phrase that does not appear in the SDG document, for implementing the UN development program.

The New York City-based Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) noted:

The Holy See went further than the African Group, qualifying the entire agenda with the hope that all countries will strive to protect life in the womb.

“The Holy See remains confident that the related pledge ‘no one will be left behind’ will serve as the perspective through which the entire Agenda will be read to protect the right to life of the person, from conception until natural death,” they said.

C-Fam also drew attention to the fact that the Obama/UN/EU pro-abortion/pro-homosexual lobby had achieved a victory of sorts by excluding any mention of “family” in the SDC document. “Unable to get recognition of homosexual and transgender rights at the UN, the United States, European countries and their allies succeeded in blocking the family altogether from the new global development goals,” C-Fam reported.

“Possibly for the first time since its founding 70 years ago, a major UN agreement involving social policy does not mention the family. At its adoption this week, several countries highlighted this flaw,” said the C-Fam analysis.

“In the absence of any substantive headway on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, the Obama administration, with the help of LGBT supporters, moved to erode the pro-life and pro-family principles that underpin the UN,” C-Fam continued.

Many UN documents have at least paid lip service to the family as the “natural and fundamental group unit of society,” even though the UN and the regimes ruling many of its member states have long been infamous for promoting totalitarian, anti-family policies and programs. “First stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every major UN agreement, and just about every UN resolution, touching on social policy has included a reference to the family,” C-Fam notes. “The Sustainable Development Goals — a 15-year, multi-billion dollar plan that will impact every country — are now an exception with the potential of becoming a harmful precedent.”

The United Nations and the Obama administration have been united in pressing an increasingly aggressive pro-abortion/pro-perversion agenda, especially during the past year.

It is undoubtedly not a coincidence that the UN SDG Summit will be starting precisely on year to the day after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a “Call to World Leaders” as part of the the UN’s “Free & Equal” project, which the UN describes as “a United Nations campaign for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality.”

“On 25 September 2014, foreign ministers and other high-level representatives of UN Member States met at the United Nations to discuss next steps in the fight to end homophobia and transphobia,” the website declares. Of course, that means fighting orthodox-believing Christians, Jews, and Muslims, whose religious faiths automatically make them “homophobic” and “transphobic” in the eyes of the U.S./UN/EU political correctness police. Naturally, President Obama’s secretary of state, John Kerry, played a prominent role at the UN event, symbolically placing the U.S. imprimatur on the globalist efforts to legitimize (and force acceptance and approval of) sodomy, while simultaneously delegitimizing and stigmatizing Christianity. (See video here).

This year, the UN unveiled its “Free & Equal” pro-LGBT video, along with many other endorsements of the militant LGBT agenda, among which was declaring Sunday, May 17, to be International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Irina Bokova, an unrepentant veteran member of the mass-murdering Bulgarian Communist Party, and now director-general of UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), announced that next year’s International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, on May 17, 2016, will include a meeting of ministers of education at UNESCO in Paris, to launch the first global report on the status of education sector responses to homophobic and transphobic violence, including bullying. Which means we can expect a ramping up of the already oppressive LGBT propaganda campaign in virtually all schools.

The Obama White House, meanwhile, highlights many of its bouquets to the lavender lobby with a web page especially dedicated to “President Obama and the LBGT Community,” which boasts:

Since taking office, the President has demonstrated that his vision for a brighter future includes greater equality for LGBT Americans. The President and his Administration are dedicated to eliminating barriers to equality, fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and engaging LGBT communities across the country.

This site is a tool for you to learn about how President Obama and his team are working to win the future for LGBT Americans.

Among the boasts listed on the White House’s “Obama Administration Record for the LGBT Community” we find:

Advancing and Protecting the Rights of LGBT Persons around the World: The Obama Administration continues to engage systematically with governments around the world to advance the rights of LGBT persons. The Administration’s intensive and systematic leadership has included various public statements and resolutions at the UN. President Obama has also issued a presidential memorandum that directs all Federal agencies engaged abroad to ensure that U.S. diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons.

That has translated into the Obama administration using the full weight, prestige, and monetary resources of the United States to bully and bribe foreign governments to trash their own laws, mores, and traditions and replace them with the new UN-mandated LGBT commandments.

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