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Now is The Time to Make a Stand

For a very brief moment in our country’s history, we were united. Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Blacks, and Whites. All were disgusted by the video showing a psychopathic cop murdering a handcuffed suspect while three other cops watched. The murder of George Floyd was soon politicized by groups that had little interest in national unity. Reflecting on racism and police reform has been hijacked by groups that aren’t interested in reform but rather in “fundamentally changing” our society. These groups and many of those rioting in the streets want to destroy our society, our educational systems, our means of governing, and our economic system.

The FAKE NEWS reports ad nauseam on the “demonstrations and civil disobedience”, but the riots in the streets with looting and killing over 100 people in Chicago were shot last weekend and 14 were murdered—over 90% were black on black shootings, are not in any way civil disobedience or an exercise of conscience. The liberal deep state has seen 60 years and 12 trillion dollars of the great society go up in smoke. The majority of our country’s largest cities have been run by liberal Democratic mayors for over 60 years. These programs have been an abysmal failure gutting the Black culture and society of its greatest assets the black family only 30% of Black children are born into a family with a mother and a father, the black churches, and the Historical Black Colleges that have been underfunded and forced to compete with highly capitalized state universities and private colleges.

Indoctrination, assimilation, and political correctness have replaced critical thinking and diverse discussion in our academies. C. S. Lewis reminded us that “education without values only makes man a more clever devil”

These devils are ferocious, but the damage, in the long run, is not the ruin in our streets or the loss of businesses and family income and wealth, but in the coerced political conformity that is required for them to be successful. These totalitarian socialists are running plays from the Karl Marx Engels—Bernstein playbook in the Communist Manifesto In order to destroy liberal society and the institutions that define it they must destroy religion, the must destroy marriage, and they must destroy private property ownership.

Civic comity is a reflection of society’s values and our commitment to those values. The March of Western Civilization from Athens and Jerusalem to Magna Carta and the Age of Enlighten that informed our own Declaration and Constitution has not always been perfect. “Institutional and systemic racism” and the forward march of upward mobility and equality of opportunity is available today to more people across more classes and races than at any other time in the 15,000-year modern history of man. The combination of liberty and capitalism has lifted more people of all types out of the bonds of grinding poverty than could ever be imagined by our ancestors. Racism is a disease of the hardened heart, not a communal sin. Corporate and communal penance for individual sins is inappropriate and uncalled for. In our Catholic Mass in the Penitential Confession, we acknowledge our individual Original Sin and our sins against each other and we also confess INDIVIDUALLY our personal sins against God and our fellow man. It is not man that adjudicates these transactions but God. With the forgiveness of sins comes redemption. To place any person or organization in such a position is truly a titular act. When BLM forces white people to their knees to confess their sin of “white privilege” this is an abomination…

These types of demands are truly revolutionary. The sooner we join this fight the sooner it will be over. Not only our political leaders—I will get to them in a moment, but the leaders of all our institutions many don’t see themselves as being threatened, churches, Colleges and Schools, and most of all small businesses and corporations need to stop being cowed by the mob. Just this past week two editors of major newspapers and several high ranking corporate officers of fortune 500 companies have been forced to resign because of social media posts that were not in line with “Black Lives Matter” dogma. If I were employed in the military, our government, or one of those corporations or businesses—or even at BSU, I would probably be fired for posting this article. So much for the tolerance of the mob.

So my biggest beef is with two groups. The people (us) and our political leaders. Why aren’t we demanding of our political leaders a game plan. We have seen what happens when mayors and governors don’t support the police and property rights and the security of individuals and families. Our two Senators in Washington are good men. They head two of the most important committees in The Senate. They need to along with the rest of our Congressional Delegation make a statement in support of law and order, our police, and our President. Our Governor and Mayors of our cities in Idaho need to do the same thing. They need to prospectively come up with a statement that says they will protect people and property and give unequivocal support to the police and National Guard when they are called to confront the evil of BLM and ANTIFIA.

We need to know that monuments belong to the people, not the mob. If a monument is to be torn down, then there is a legislative process that must be followed. To date, only Senators Cotton and Lee have come out supporting our President unequivocally. Senator Rich and Senator Crapo need to do the same thing. So does Governor Little. Tell us now what you would do if BLM or ANTIFA came to Boise. Same with Mrs. McLean. Would the State House grounds be protected and what about downtown Boise? Would shop owners be allowed to deter looters any way needed?

Time for our leaders to take a stand for the citizens of Idaho and with our President. “If not now-when, If not you-who”?

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Excellent, good common sense. Don’t know what would happen here in Idaho if BLM and Antifa would appear. Our Governor and several mayors appear to be cut from the same cloth as those in Minneapolis, Seattle, etc. Hope we don’t have to find out.

Well said Doc. Livingston,
Patriotic forums like this one can be very beneficial..
If our Nation is to survive this 2nd Civil War, It will likely be because a Forum became the end-means to Unite lawful Oath Enforcement movements locally & nationwide to restore lawful government to our local, state governments.
Our nation’s founding fathers wisely foresaw the political corruption Citizens would be facing, they created Oath Of Office Contracts as a prompt & lawful means for Citizens to maintain Representative Government.
Public records & openly illegitimate legislative actions of corrupt public servants in both parties have provided citizens with a wealth of immediate removal evidence over the past several decades, why has no civic action been taken ??
Our 2nd Amendment Rights will be of little value to Citizens who are too sheepish to peacefully confront & remove rouge public servants who now over-tax & enslave them.
President Trump is the only president America has had in my 78 years who has kept his word to clean the swamp that our sheepish citizenry created, he has become America’s 2nd George Washington. If we lack the moral backbone to Stand & Physically assist Trump help him clean up the Swamp we created, we will be forfeiting all of our rights & freedoms to the Marxist controlled Democrat Party..
P.S. Many from the Tea Party era will recall meetings where I urged Oath Enforcement instead of baseless rallies.
Response by leaders of our state’s TP & Oath Keeper groups were identical,,, confronting the political perps with evidence necessary to remove them from office was ~ too confrontational & exceeded your comfort levels.
The Democrat Party has aggressively launched it’s 2nd Civil War assault against America.
Will we continue being the silent & complacent majority or assume our lawful & civic obligation as oath enforcers & restore our Republic ?
Chuck T.

You are right about “now is the time.” FYI, Lauren McLean sent out her newsletter asking for positive feedback for all she has done but she includes a diatribe on protesting and all that she stands for. That includes diversity or divisiveness training that white is bad. If you don’t support her masking, etc., she does have an “other” for comments. Boise residents need to dissent from her increase in spending on day care for employees, art grants for anyone, green retrofitting for city of Boise, checking on diversity effectiveness post training, reviewing all hires for diversity. Then there is Lisa S.

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