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Here’s what Black Lives Matter explicitly says about itself on its own website:

“We do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege. We build a space that is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered. We dismantle patriarchal practice, we disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure, we foster a queer-affirming network with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking” and they are rabidly anti-Semitic and pro-abortion. They want to dismantle our civil and criminal justice system. They want to destroy the social order and not fund our brave police men and women. And many of our politicians, captains of industry and religious leaders fail to acknowledge the evils that are threatening all of us. Is it a lack of personal courage, a lack of toughness, a fear of disrupting the status quo? Why would somebody like Mitt Romney associate themselves with such a group? PANDERING.

The sin of pandering is discussed in many places in the New Testament. Paul asks and answers: “Do I seek to please men? Even if I still please men I would not be a servant to Christ.” Seeking the praise and approbation of other men comes with a cost. “No man can serve two masters” Matthew 6:24. To abdicate loyalty to the principles or “first instances” by which we govern our own lives is a sin. To support an organization that has a charter supporting policies and methods that are the antithesis of our Founding can only be justified if we personally reject those principles, or if we are too cowardly to stand up for those principles

BLM and ANTIFA don’t believe in our Founding Principles and they don’t believe in the institutions that are the bedrock of our civilization. WE believe in a personal God, a personal confession, forgiveness and redemption of sin. What has distinguished us as “one people under God” has been our worship and reverence for God and not government.

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Knowing when to speak out and how can be difficult especially if you are a student, a professor, and work in a large corporation or the military. But the answer is neve never. Speak out and confront racism person to person when you see it for yourself.

Bishop Aubrey Shines of G2G Ministries in Tampa Florida and head of the Conservative Clergy of Color stated on XM radio on Saturday that the “pandering of left wing people to blacks is racist” He concluded his interview by saying that the progressive movement “herds Blacks” into one large group. He further noted that God relates to us individually no matter what our color, and this grouping and collecting into groups to pit against each other is the tactic of Marxists.

Privileged whites pandering to Blacks is racist. Being “woke and white” is not a form of piety. Respecting others, giving others a helping hand up, being a mentor or a coach or teacher and facilitating upward mobility has nothing to do with race or gender.

The only rule that is needed in the HR manual is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Do you like being pandered too? Neither do I.

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