Nonini’s Rebuttal

Dear Gem State Patriot:

This letter is in response to Robert Le Roy Trenery’s comments on my conservative record. First, I would like to thank him for pointing out that I have the most conservative voting record according to the Idaho Freedom Foundation, the American Conservative Union and Project Vote Smart. I’ve also had the endorsement of Idaho Chooses Life – received 7 times – as one of the strongest Pro-Life advocates in Idaho. The NRA continues to give me an A+ rating.

On two of the points the writer was inaccurate. I’ve never flown around the state with Lt. Governor Brad Little. As for my literature two of my opponents put their literature next to mine and I don’t go out of my way to have my literature next to anyones.

I did not endorse Luke Malek. Any suggestion that I have is wrong.

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Finally, the support of Senator Shawn Keough via a $100 check from my wife. While this is true I would like to ask the critic of this donation why they haven’t gone after two of their conservative heroes, Raul Labrador and Russ Fulcher? Raul gave at least $250 to Keough and Fulcher has give her thousands during his time in the Idaho Senate.

I’ll put my conservative record up against any of my opponents in this campaign. You can see that record on my website


Bob Nonini

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