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Noise and stuff and Stinky Fish

Humans can hear sound in the frequency range of 20 – 20,000 Hz vibrations per minute. There are, of course, sounds above and below the levels that we can hear. Radio frequencies are between 20 kHz – 30 GHz — much higher vibrations. Like listening to the radio, oftentimes adjacent frequencies can blur the frequencies that are being listened to—this is called noise. The difference between the desired signal and the surrounding noise can be measured as a “noise to signal ratio” When we listen to the mainstream media there is lots of “noise”. In fact, many times most of what we listen to and read is “noise”. Even in the sports media there is more noise than signal—Are the Seahawks going to trade Russell Wilson to the Cowboys—who knows, but until it happens it is just noise. When it happens it becomes real news.

Great people are able to separate noise from signal. Great business people, great scientists, great teachers and the occasional great statesman—Donald Trump, are able to separate signal from noise. Russia Collusion, the Mueller investigation, Impeachment 1 and Impeachment 2—all noise. Most of what is reported about the Covid-19 pandemic is noise. When you look at the list of Trump accomplishments you are looking at signal—strengthening the military, growing economic opportunities for all classes of people, the Supreme Court, protecting liberty—pro-life and 2nd Amendment protections are all signal.

The new diversity training for the military is more than noise because it takes away from training in the field and the air and oceans. It is like “jamming” a radio or radar frequency. The argument about minimum wage is more than noise because it too is frequency jamming. Labor is a scarce resource and its’ allocation is ultimately determined by supply and demand with pricing systems. The best way to ensure high wages is to have a vibrant economy with close to zero unemployment with a tight labor market—just like Mr. Trump’s pre Covid-19 economy where wages at all pay grades were growing faster than over the past 20 years. Instead of minimum wage—”noise” we should be talking about ways to increase productivity—”signal”—lower taxes to businesses and individuals and put more money in the private sector.

So much of politics is “noise” But politics is also about stuff. Stuff is both a collective noun—like rice or smoke and a mass noun—like fish— in the case of politics days old smelly fish. It is also a verb like “stuff it up ….. Which is what I would like to do to several of my RINO friends using the aforementioned fish—would anyone notice a change of smell? And the stuff of politics is ultimately about accumulating power for progressive Democrats and decentralizing power for conservative Republicans. Democrats promise—free stuff by increasing the noise to signal ratio. They say they are helping you with subsidies or tax credits or by increasing a minimum wage all of which makes the people they are trying to help more dependent on them. They say they are helping you, but they are creating a State of dependency—and this isn’t true just with individuals or families, but with businesses also. After years of the Democrats promising “stuff” by creating high Noise/signal ratios, we finally got a glimpse into a world that deals with realities—signals, with the past 4 years of Donald Trump—promises made—promises kept.

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In Boise, legislative leaders say they want to limit the Governor’s executive powers and emergency powers. They want to be able to call themselves into session. They’ve had 2 months to tend to the people’s business. Even the budget process is behind schedule. What is “leadership’—and I use that term figuratively, waiting on—the Governor to tell them what to do? Lots of noise. Not much signal.

Government bureaucracies in DC and Boise try to create lots of noise. They most of the time create a very weak signal. Being focused like a laser on tough issues requires work and sometimes taking unpopular positions—try being a physician critical of Covid-19 government propaganda, or being a politician willing to question the “experts” Be very careful or you might get “canceled”. Did Pope Urban “Cancel” Galileo in 1663 when he put him under house arrest for saying the sun was the center of our solar system”? Just because you are canceled doesn’t mean you are wrong. It means somebody is afraid of your opinion.

In my opinion, most of what you hear from the fake news and their political brethren has a high NOISE/SIGNAL ratio. It requires a discerning public that thinks critically to separate the noise from the signal. It always comes down to the question—what is real. But there is one more question that discerning leaders always need to ask—DJR was better at this than any other President in my lifetime, “what information am I not being given?” Think about the cover-ups of the Hunter Biden Story, the cover-up of our aging President’s cognitive abilities, or the DOJ cover-up Russia collusion, or the cover-up of the fraudulent 2020 elections.

Lots of stuff being covered up. Lots of noise—very little signal. Getting to smell very “fishy” in Boise and DC.

Does a RINO smell any different than a progressive Democrat? Does a conservative smell different than a “RINOcrat”? You can try to cover up the smell with “noise”, but sooner or later the signal gets through—just like with the ACA or an “emergency order”

Ans. It depends how long WE let them hang around.

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