Inspiring and Engaging the Next Generation

How do we interest the next generation of American citizens to be informed and engaged in the political process?

An approach that utilizes the schools our sons and daughters or grandchildren attend appears to be a promising avenue.

Most high schools, community colleges, and universities allow a student to start a club at school with very minimal paperwork or approval process. Utilizing our rights that flow forth from our Constitutions’ First Amendment and its protection of free speech and freedom of association is a fitting reminder of the value of these rights to remaining free.

Opening a dialogue with the high schoolers and college students in our families, or our friends’ families, would be a great avenue to teach the next generation about the political process and how we control and guide our government. Let’s plant a great crop of future leaders for our country.

Mentor your sons and daughters and grandchildren and help them start a club at their school, TODAY!

Gem State Patriot News