The Nevada GOP Tragedy – Part II

This is another in a series of columns devoted to the failures of the Nevada GOP. But these are lessons for the entire nation. Avoid the same mistakes as the Nevada GOP, or all of America will turn blue.

In my last column, I talked about the failures of our Nevada GOP candidates. They had no life, no energy, and no personality. Not all of them, but most of them.

They also failed to do the basic work of campaigning. Many of our candidates are either afraid to spend time with the voters…or allergic to voters (maybe they just don’t like them very much)…or allergic to hard work. No candidate can win an election without campaigning day and night for months leading up to the election. This isn’t a debate. I was just proven 100% right. The feckless Nevada GOP lost everything but the kitchen sink.

And statewide candidates might consider doing a large percentage of campaigning in Clark County. Las Vegas is kind of important, didn’t you hear? Dillinger robbed banks because that’s where the money was. To win elections, you must campaign where the voters are. They’re in Clark County, you dimwits.

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Where were our two major candidates Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt? They were AWOL in Clark County/Las Vegas. Can you imagine candidates for major office just “mailing it in?” It just happened. You let us all down.

I’ve had hundreds of emails from loyal Republicans not only agreeing with me, but reporting their shocking, depressing up-close-and-personal experiences with the Nevada GOP. Some showed up to man phone banks only to find the GOP offices closed…at 1 PM on a Friday. Really?

Others said the GOP and our candidates were good at asking for money…but were never seen again.

Still others spoke of calling Dean Heller’s office multiple times to volunteer, never to be called back. This is the Nevada GOP.

Then there’s the ground game. It’s non-existent. There is no GOP “get out the vote” ground game. If I was running for Governor or Senate, I’d reserve half my money for the ground game. HALF. It’s that important to get our voters to the polls. But Nevada GOP candidates clearly spent nothing on the ground game. I was never called to “get out to vote.” Not once. I swear I think the people in charge of the GOP ground game work for the Harry Reid machine. What else explains this level of incompetence and laziness?

Then there’s the texts. What texts? The GOP has no texts. Not one. But some liberal clown put me on the mass text list of the Nevada Democrat Party and multiple liberal “get out the vote” groups. The things they sent to me were disgusting. I was shocked at the hate speech towards Trump, Heller, Laxalt and Tarkanian. I was shocked at the criminal actions they urged in print. Those texts urged illegal aliens to vote Democrat or face deportation. They urged illegals to vote multiple times. They assured them that no ID was required, nor was English. In short, I received hundreds of texts that urged voter fraud. But…

At least the Dems and liberal groups have texts. At least they communicate. At least they work their butts off. At least they wear out their shoe leather (electronically). I believe they were advocating criminal conspiracy. But I’m still jealous. At least they show up for work. At least they care. They actually want to win.

The Nevada GOP has the same energy level as the GOP candidates. ZERO.

I got hundreds of texts from the Nevada Democrat Party and numerous liberal groups. At times, I got dozens per hour. As many as 50 per day. I got no texts EVER from the GOP or any GOP group urging me to vote. Why? Who was in charge?

Fire them all. Burn it to the ground and start over.

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