More Idaho Wilderness and ‘Wild and Scenic’ Rivers?

The architects of Idaho’s future are working hard to create a “no-man’s land” carved out of the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

The plan is an excuse to further “Wildernize” Idaho via the “Wilderness Act of 1964”. The central planners have taken a broad-brush interpretation of those characteristics that are required for Wilderness designation. The brush strokes that paint this Wilderness Study Area look very similar to what the Wildlands Projects projected looked like for Central Idaho back in 1991. The Wildlands Project was brought to us via the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity. The wheels of material confiscation in aid of universal collectivism have been turning for a very long time.

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I have attached for your further research the Wilderness Evaluation Map for the Salmon-Challis Forest. Pages 3 & 4 discuss those rivers up for Wild and Scenic designation. It is interesting to note how far the Forest Service has blurred the line between pristine “untouched by man” designations for Wilderness and the “rare and unique” designations for Wild & Scenic Rivers.

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This map is a blatant projection of an agenda that cannot stand up to the scrutiny of on-the-ground assessment under any legitimate guideline. Time to push back!

Please send the Salmon-Challis Forest your comments at: before January 31, 2019.

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