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Is Michael Snyder Running Scared as he Steps up his Attacks on Fulcher?

In Typical Michael Snyder fashion, he is once again focusing on the only opponent that he has not been able to denigrate with his so-called Trumpesque rhetoric. Michael T. Snyder is a hopelessly deluded prepper who has started numerous blogs as a testament to his unfounded belief that the world is about to end.

He started his journey to prepper country in 2007 with his Economic Collapse Blog. He later moved on to two other blogs, End of the American Dream and The Most Important News. Michael says he is behind Trump and perhaps even believes he is a Trump clone in his own mind, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump is a man of vision—a person who wants to make America great again—not one who talks about the End of the American Dream or an Economic Collapse. Now that we have a President who has a vision for a great America, why would we send a representative from Idaho to Washington who talks about an economic collapse and the end of the American dream? Shouldn’t we be looking forward to prosperity and obtaining our dreams?

It doesn’t seem to faze Snyder that every one of his economic collapse predictions has been wrong, but then again, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I guess he wants everyone to be patient ’till one of his predictions comes true.

I took the time to speak with Michael and his campaign manager when they first started his run for Congress, and he certainly seemed a likable fellow, but in the past few months, it’s as if he has morphed into a piranha wanting to chew every one of his opponents up and spit them out.

As I told Michael during our interview, he should be talking about the issues and spending some time in state politics so he could get to know Idaho before attempting to drive straight to Washington D.C. to represent Idahoans in Congress. Being a congressman in Washington is much different than being a representative or senator in Idaho. Working in a state legislature is like your freshman and sophomore year of college, and if you don’t learn the basics, it’s kind of difficult to move to a higher level.

It takes different skill sets to do both and you don’t acquire them by reading books; you absorb them by spending time on the job. Michael didn’t seem to think he needed any more experience than what he has already, and he seemed determined to forge ahead regardless. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and I believe that is where Michael is currently.

Michael’s only solution to all of our problems is to abolish every department in the U.S. Government that he feels is unnecessary. We don’t necessarily disagree with him on that point, but this is not something that would happen just because we sent Michael to represent us in Congress. Michael seems to think he is a one-man army much like Alex Jones; the problem is that he has to deal with 434 other congressmen who may not agree with him on many of his issues, and I’m not so sure that he is going to be able to handle that conflict with due decorum. Let me put it this way, would you hire a builder to build your house if he had never built one before? That’s how I look at Michael—he has a lot of ideas but not a clue how (or the demeanor necessary) to accomplish them.

Yes, we should eliminate the Department of Education and the EPA and several others that waste our money and make dumb rules—we don’t disagree they need to go. The problem is convincing a majority in the House (to say nothing of the Senate) to go along with you. I’m not so sure Michael will be able to be convincing enough to change their minds with his non-existent experience in the political arena.

I’m not interested in hiring someone who would go to Washington with a fantasy about downsizing government but with no plan and no strong support behind him to get the job done. I would much prefer to have someone with experience, someone like Russ Fulcher. He will be able to convince his colleagues that his ideas are good and that they should join him in their quest to solve the problems of an out-of-control government with unnecessary agencies and departments that waste taxpayer money. Fulcher, with the help of several other senators, was the one responsible for giving Idahoans the largest ever tax cut with his bill to institute the grocery tax credit over Otters objections. That’s called negotiating with prospective and clout.

It is questionable if Michael would bring the right message to Washington for Idahoans when you look at the titles of some of his work. I’m sure that Michael believes everything he says but doesn’t say everything he means. I would suggest that if you intend to vote for him, you should engage in some real, in-depth research on his past history and writings. Doing so might well change your mind about what kind of a representative he would be for Idaho.

Remember, “We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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