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Message from Rep. Christy Zito (Idaho House District 23, Seat A)

Dear friends,

These are indeed trying times for families and individuals as we work our way through what is unprecedented for our state and country. I want to encourage you to remain hopeful and optimistic. We can use this as a time to reconnect with our families near and far. A time to serve our neighbors and our community in creative ways as we continue to respect social distancing and practice recommended hygiene precautions.

This being said, our God-given constitutional rights must always be protected and preserved.

As citizens of this nation and state, we have a natural born resilience. We will arrive on the other side of this surreal experience stronger, as we navigate the current situation with level heads and maintain an air of grace, class, and dignity. If you are able, reach out to your neighbors and community to build a network of strength. These are the times which have the ability to increase our resolve. To turn our hearts to those around us. Please join me in making this goal a reality.

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If you feel you need someone to speak with, reach out, you are not alone, there is always someone there for you. I am here for you.

My God bless each of us and our families, you are in my prayers,

Rep. Christy Zito

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