Mark Johnson, Candidate for Senate District 20

I wasn’t born in Idaho, but I have lived here 45 of my 55 years and consider myself a native. I grew up in rural Idaho and love the outdoors. I’ve traveled worldwide in my career but have never discovered any place that I believe is better to pursue my interests and raise a family. I am an Idahoan! I love Idaho!

Allow me to describe to you where I stand on some important topics and general principles.

I firmly believe that guns are a right and declared off-limits by our founding documents despite what I believe are unconstitutional infringements in place. I will fight for gun rights, pure and simple.

I am a staunch defender of life. God’s own words say that life begins at conception and that he is the author of life. I simply cannot support or condone the killing of new life. These are deeply held beliefs among Christians and it is simply immoral to use tax dollars collected from Christians and others to support any organization that participates in abortion.

There is so much money up for grabs in the health care industry that it’s become a wealth transfer mechanism and those in government get to determine the benefactors. Unfortunately, this empowers them, but it costs you and me because it’s our wealth being transferred. I believe a free-market system is the only system which will produce a better and cheaper product, just like everything else we buy.

The true wealth and beauty of Idaho lies in the natural resources in and on the public lands within our borders. Despite laws requiring proper stewardship, I believe our public lands have become vulnerable under the management of the USDA Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. I believe our lands in Idaho can be better cared for and managed by Idahoans. I OPPOSE private transfer but fully support State management of public lands.

I have one daughter remaining in our public-school system, as well as two recent graduates. I’ve experienced, firsthand, the decline in our system. This is due to the years-long, progressive transfer of control from local elected school boards to the bureaucracies in our State and Federal governments. This is sucking the life out of our schools, our teachers, and our kids. I will work to restore authority, power and local elected control to our public education system.

The recent debacle in the statehouse over CBD oil reveals the level of control those in government wish to retain over hard-working Idahoans. Here’s how I view CBD oil; it is not a drug and shouldn’t be treated like one. Pure and simple. I believe grown men and women can best choose for themselves.

I believe the Constitutions of the US and of Idaho are strict boundaries placed on government within which the power and authority to govern lie. This power is derived from the governed, that is, we the people. We the people willingly delegated certain powers and granted the authority to be governed. I will operate ONLY within the bounds placed on me by the people.

I am a regular working guy; devout Christian; family man, and I struggle to cover all the bases every day, just like you. You and I have felt left out and that our voice isn’t being heard. That’s why I am in this race! I want to be your voice in the halls of Idaho’s capital during next session. Go to the polls on May 15th and vote!

In Liberty and Freedom,
Mark Johnson – Candidate for Senate, Idaho District 20

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