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Little’s Bait and Switch Special Legislative Session

As if it wasn’t bad enough the problems that Governor Little and his advisors caused during his State of Emergency taking away our constitutional rights now, we are betting that he is going to call a special legislative session to try and buy Idahoans votes in November by giving you back a small portion of the surplus tax dollars they are holding hostage. Little has come under criticism by some lawmakers over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and for good reasons. It was Little who called for the state of emergency when only 1 reported case of covid existed in Idaho so he could get in on the federal giveaway of $50 billion with. Why anyone would think that this special session will benefit the taxpayers of Idaho we believe will be sadly disappointed. We believe this will be just another way for Little to buy votes for his reelection bid. The question is how much of that 2 billion surplus is Little willing to give back to the tax payers to buy his way to another four years as governor? Our bet is he will leave Idahoans with little or no relief on property taxes which are killing many of those on the lower end of the income scale. Beware my friends this is just another ploy to distract Idahoans from the mess he created during the covid emergency.

We believe that if there is a special session that it will be to throw more money at Idaho’s public government-run schools while Reclaim Idaho’s ballot initiative if passed in November will raise over $323 million in new taxes for K-12 schools. One of the more serious problems with this referendum while aimed at the corporations and high-end earners is that it has many flaws that could increase the taxes being paid by many lower income Idahoans. It will also create a slush fund that can be distributed without legislative oversight to pet projects. There has been speculation that the governor has intentions to suggest the state give an additional $412 million more to schools on top of the huge increase already approved by the legislature. Does anyone smell the stench of the Teachers Union behind this special session?

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has said that the bill is being drafted as a tax bill so that sales taxes could be diverted to an ongoing dedicated education fund, irrespective of the other traditional funding sources for K-12 schools. There has been an increase of one billion in education spending in the last two fiscal years. Is our governor trying to out due to the leftists running Reclaim Idaho to see who can spend more of our taxpayer money on education? I guess that neither Little nor the Reclaim Idaho leftists have taken a look at the economic conditions that currently prevail in our country. With Idahoans facing 8 ½% percent inflation, fuel prices nearly doubling and property taxes continuing to climb, we would say nix to any more money for education out of the surplus. Idahoans are still waiting for the repeal of the grocery tax Little promised before his last election, and we all know the good old boys at IACI were never going to allow that to happen. Just where are they going to spend all of this additional education money. You can bet that they have already earmarked a lot of these funds for the advancement of more socialists’ programs like Critical Race Theory as most of the money raised by the Reclaim referendum will be discretionary.

What amazes me is that Republicans hold 80% of Idaho’s legislative seats which is essentially a veto-proof majority. So, with a projected 7.7 billion coming into the states coffers from sales, corporate and income taxes and 2 billion in surplus sitting there our legislators should be making substantial cuts in in both property and income taxes for the middle class. You can be sure that Republican House Speaker Scott Bedke or Senate President Pro-Tem Chuck Winder, the leaders of the two chambers have already had conversations on how to spend this money. They would love to give the good old boys another four years of their liberal agenda in helping to turn Idaho blue. It will be interesting to see how our legislators choose to spend this 2 billion surplus with elections just around the corner. We would bet that they are crafting something that will give Idaho’s taxpayers something insignificant and fear the current pain of high inflation, fuel prices and property taxes will continue to weigh heavily on Idahoans.

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All I can say to our readers is that we are in bad need of change at the top of the political ladder in our state and there will only be 3 candidates on the ballot this November. The Democratic candidate, the Republican candidate, Brad Little and the Independent candidate Ammon Bundy. We need a leader who is not afraid to confront the Federal government and is willing to keep Idaho free of the socialists’ agenda that has been set by the Biden administration. That candidate is not a democrat nor is it our current Republican Governor Little. Personally, I believe if we want change in our state and want to regain our constitutional freedoms the only way, we will get that change is to elect the Independent candidate Ammon Bundy who will not be under the thumb of IACI.

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8 replies on “Little’s Bait and Switch Special Legislative Session”

Write the Idaho GOP now and have them make these “Leadership Liberals” stand down now.
Taxpayers will get the surplus back after the election.
If The People want their freedom, we must vote these people out of leadership.

Governor: “Ammon Bundy” for Freedom
LT Governor: Write in “Priscilla Giddings” for Freedom
Secretary of State: Write in “Dorothy Moon” for Freedom
Vote out: Chuck Winder and C Scott Grow make sure they are gone
Vote out: Mike Simpson: Write in “Bryan Smith” for Freedom
Vote out: Mike Crapo: Vote “Scott Oh Cleveland” for Freedom
Start the campaign now to Vote out Jim Risch on the next go around. Risch/Cheney???

Do not worry about splitting the vote: We have Liberals in charge now, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.
At minimum a large opposition vote will throttle these Liberals.

Getting back to the article…..personally I have very little issue with the amount of state, local and federal taxes I pay. It’s the way it’s spent that upsets me. I would say keep the surplus IF IT WOULD BE SPENT ON REAL IMPROVEMENTS. No crony capitalism, no lobbyists, straight to worthwhile improvements.

Great idea and I support it! But, do you really think libs would forget those who supported their campaigns with tons of money…

No more money for schools!! You would be horrified at the waste I see living next to an elementary school! Every year desks, chairs, file cabinets, teaching materials, NEW textbooks, test materials, study guides, educational toys, etc. are thrown into the DUMPSTERS!! Why – so they can say they need more money for new equipment??? What a waste of taxpayer dollars our schools have become.

On Aug 24, 2022, at 9:24 AM, wrote:

The legislature has an opportunity to insist on an accounting of transfer funds.

$15million to audit the Dept. Of Health and Welfare and a $15million audit of the Dept of Education.

How about this: Pass the 7% Grocery tax—now already! Otherwise, don’t do anything and wait for the regular session.


PS Nothing could be more irresponsible than to send money to government agencies and school systems that can’t show us a good ROI


Unspoken is how such an unpopular incumbent governor “won” the primary against the Lt. Governor challenger. Perhaps voters need to get busy like they have in Arizona to find out why the same old same old gets “selected” in every election.

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