Life Brief: The Legislature Returns on Tuesday

The Legislature Returns on Tuesday

The Idaho Legislature will return to work this next week, after taking a break because of a COVID outbreak at the Statehouse. There is a pile of unfinished business awaiting them, including tax cuts, budgets, transportation and some important work on the pro-Life threat.

Critical Pro-Life Bills Need Senate Action

We have high hopes that the Legislature will finish work on HB302— a life-saving bill awaiting a hearing in the Senate State Affairs Committee, chaired by Sen. Patti Anne Lodge. This bill would begin to address the appalling destruction of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome. It has already passed by an overwhelming margin in the Idaho House.

HB302 would require the Department of Health & Welfare to provide women with information about help available in receiving the special blessings of a child born with Down Syndrome. Please take a moment to contact Sen. Lodge this next week, and ask for help in making sure that this bill gets done before the Legislature adjourns. You can reach her office by calling 208-332-1000.

We are also hoping to see HB220 pass the Senate. This bill has also passed the House. It would prohibit local governments from contracting with Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider. The bill was spurred by Boise Mayor McLean’s threat to begin funding Planned Parenthood and abortions with local city funds. This bill, too, is sitting in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

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Biden Enlists Planned Parenthood to Help Sell the Shot

The Biden Administration announced this past week that it will begin using “trusted messengers” to help persuade Americans to get the COVID vaccine shot. The Department of Health & Human Services is forming something they call the “Community Corps” to increase the number of Americans getting one of the COVID shots. One of the groups they will lean on heavily is Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. No doubt the government will provide financial rewards to the abortion giant for their proselytizing efforts.

But we are struck by the dark reality that at least two of the COVID vaccines are being produced with aborted baby tissue. Perhaps those cells were harvested by Planned Parenthood itself.

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