LIFE BRIEF: Governor Little Signs Down Syndrome Legislation into Law

Idaho Governor Brad Little signed HB302 into law this week. This is the most important pro-Life bill enacted this session. It will require the Department of Health & Welfare to include information on Down Syndrome in the Informed Consent booklet.

This booklet gives information to women considering an abortion. It already includes data about a baby’s development, the risks of abortion, agencies that can help with adoption, and ministries that provide free ultrasounds. Once the woman receives this booklet, she must wait 24 hours before actually submitting to an abortion. Obviously, our hope is that she will reconsider and choose life for her baby.

Now the state will create a new section in the booklet, specific to Down Syndrome. It will give women contact information for ministries and groups that support Down Syndrome families.

We believe this change in Idaho law will help save lives before the year is out.

Various national studies have found that some 90% of Downs babies are being aborted. This is the highest rate of abortion for any demographic group. Truly, these babies are the “least among us”.

We wish to thank Rep. Randy Armstrong, Rep. Kevin Andrus and Sen. Kevin Cook for their leadership in shepherding this bill through the Legislature. And, of course, we are grateful to Governor Little for his faithful defense of the preborn child.

Legislative Session May Wrap Up This Week

It has been an extraordinary session, and there are still many pressing matters to be resolved. Taxes, limitations on executive authority and appropriations are just some of the issues still pending.

We should see HB220 receive final passage this next week. It would stop local governments from contracting with Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider. The bill was spurred by Boise Mayor McLean’s threat to begin funding Planned Parenthood and abortions with local city funds. HB220 was passed by the Senate, with an amendment. All that is needed is for a quick House vote to accept the technical change.

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