Let Trump Be Trump

Despite the best efforts of desperate, unhinged, hysterical liberals and the mainstream media (I know, I repeat myself), President Trump is doing just fine. He has around a 50% approval rating at Rasmussen (the most accurate pollster of 2016 election) and a perfect 4-0 record in special elections. You just can’t keep a good man down.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t improve. I believe Trump needs to be true to himself- just like during the campaign. Take the shackles off. Ignore the media. Ignore traditional presidential decorum and restraint.

I have a unique understanding of Trump. Because like me, Trump is a New York street-fighter and bare knuckle brawler. He needs to attack. He needs to tweet. He needs to take the offensive. “Let Trump be Trump.”

Here’s a simple four-step plan that guarantees victories for Trump and the GOP in 2018 and ’20.

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Mr. President, please understand your opposition is vicious. They want to destroy you. They don’t care what they have to do to achieve their goals- and that clearly includes encouraging and inspiring violence and even assassination.

Yes, many radical leftists want you dead. They make that clear every day- from Johnny Depp, to Madonna, to Kathy Griffin, to college professors across the USA, to the producers of the Julius Caesar play in Central Park. And those are only the ones who have talked about killing you publicly.

Trust me, many liberals are whispering about it privately.

You humiliated them. You shocked them with your November victory. You’ve literally driven them mad with rage. The typical liberal needs a straight-jacket, a rubber room and their mommy.

But this is no laughing matter. They want to stop you at all costs. Even after the DC shooting, Bernie Sanders went on TV and recommended liberal radicals “act in unprecedented ways… fight back in every way you can.”

Mr. President, we elected you because you promised to “DRAIN THE SWAMP”… and to “LOCK HER UP.” We took all of that to mean you weren’t just another Mitt Romney, John McCain or Jeb Bush. This is a battle for the survival of America, capitalism and our children’s future freedoms. We voted for someone we thought would take the gloves off and hit back hard. 

So, here’s the plan:

STEP ONE: It’s time to give Democrats a taste of their own medicine. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Name “Special Prosecutors” or “Special Counselors” to investigate all of the Obama/Hillary scandals and crimes. They opened the door.

If Democrats think it’s “fair” to investigate our President…

Then it’s certainly fair to investigate the former FBI Director James Comey for leaks and perjury.

Investigate the Clinton Foundation… and the Clinton email scandal… and the Clinton uranium sale to Russia… and the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch private meeting on the tarmac… and Seth Rich’s murder.

It’s certainly time to investigate the whole stinking IRS scandal. Obama used the IRS just like Nixon- to destroy the lives of his political opposition. I’m a witness. Judicial Watch obtained my IRS files- I have the proof I was persecuted for my conservative political beliefs.

It’s time to investigate the cover-up of Benghazi… the illegal unmasking of Trump aides… and the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign (and other GOP presidential candidates) by Obama.

Name “Special Prosecutors” for all of them. That will keep Democrats busy. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

STEP TWO: Get Trump out of DC. He must travel the nation giving speeches at stadiums filled with 20,000 adoring fans. Remind establishment GOP Congressman and Senators (like our own Dean Heller) who’s the boss. 63 million Trump voters love Trump, not Heller, or Heck, or Sandoval. Get on board Trump’s agenda, or lose your election.

STEP THREE: Trump needs to devote one hour each day to appear on conservative talk radio. Energize your base. Keeping those 63 million Trump voters motivated, excited and loyal is the way to win the 2018 and 2020 elections.

STEP FOUR: Trump needs to go over the heads of the biased liberal media. Go directly to the people. State your case on TV infomercials. Trump should buy 30 minute blocks of time and educate the people, as well as motivate his loyal base to pressure their Congressman.

It’s a simple game plan. Let Trump be Trump.

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