Leslie Duncan Announces for Kootenai County Commissioner, District 3

Rathdrum, Idaho resident, Leslie Duncan, has announced her candidacy for Kootenai County Commissioner, District 3.

“I want to see better and more efficient county government that respects the people in our community and is committed to working for, and protecting the rights of all our citizens. If there is an opportunity to take a zero percent property tax increase in a budget year, as a commissioner, I will support it,” Duncan stated.

Community service plays a major role in Duncan’s life. She currently serves on the Board of the Women’s Auxiliary for Union Gospel Mission’s Center for Women and Children, is a Board Member and Chair of the Aquifer Protection District Committee, and Board Member and President of Ohio Match Road Water District in Rathdrum.

The wife and mother of two explained, “Giving back to the community has been a priority for me. During my early years in law enforcement, I saw firsthand how failure to get involved had a negative impact on society from the individual and family level all the way up to how we do government. Now that my children are older I can do even more. My experience as a business woman and former law enforcement officer will provide a perspective not currently represented on the Board of County Commissioners.”

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“While serving on a local water board with Leslie amidst commonly heated discussions; I found her to be able to calm an emotionally charged group, pull the other members together to stay on task and move the process forward. She is sharp, bold, resourceful and effective,” stated Jerry Manes, Realtor Link Properties Group.

In the May 2016 Republican Primary, Duncan came within 70 votes of winning the nomination for Commissioner District 3. “I’ve had a lot of people encourage me to do this again because they feel they have not been represented well this past year.” Duncan continues, “A commissioner should listen to constituents and make decisions on their behalf within the framework provided by Idaho law and the US Constitution.”

Duncan is currently serving her community in several volunteer positions while home schooling her teenage children. She has a degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Fullerton, California. During her 10 years in law enforcement, she was a Senior Special Investigator II with Alcoholic Beverage Control, acting sergeant with the reserve unit of Montebello Police Department and the reserve unit’s Rangemaster.

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