Legislative No-Shows for Life Chain Event

It was Sunday, October 4, 2015 when Pro Life groups gathered for their annual Life Chain event, where people from all over assembled at the Boise Mall and lined the sidewalks holding signs protesting abortion in a peaceful assembly. More than 300 individuals and families participated in this event which was the largest attendance in their history. What was interesting about the event was that all of our so called Pro-Life legislators were invited to participate, but not a one showed up to do so. We only found two past legislators who actually attended and held signs. Where were the rest of our elected Pro-Life legislators? Why didn’t any of them show up to support these groups in their quest to save unborn lives?

More importantly, where was our Governor or at least a representative from his office to show their support for this demonstration; alas they were nowhere to be found. These are the same legislators who will tell their constituents that they are pro-life in the next election cycle and expect endorsements from the various organizations in the pro-life arena.

This comes down to the point, if you are going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. There were no legislators to join us this beautiful Sunday afternoon, but I would venture to say that we will have a lot of talkers pontificating how Pro-life they are before the next election. They will once again pander to the electorate about how much they want to stop abortion. Maybe it’s time for the voters to do a reality check on their legislators before they cast their ballots next year to find out just why none of them could take two hours out of their day and support this cause. Could it be that they have a character flaw or could it be that we have elected a bunch of characters who only pay lip service to the positions they present to their constituents? Maybe they were afraid of having their pictures taken and plastered in the news reports while holding a Pro Life sign.

All we can say is that it’s time the citizens of Idaho asked the some hard questions of their representatives before giving them their vote in 2016. It appears more likely that each and every day that we are just electing professional politicians who are only interested in getting reelected for another term and don’t honestly stand for anything they say in their campaigns. We say you need to stand up for what you believe in and practice what you preach.

Unfortunately we didn’t have any of those stand up legislators practicing at this rally.