Kanye & Trump – A Strange Time to Be an American

So Kanye West says something positive about President Trump. And the left goes crazy.

First of all of though, I have to say that I applaud Kanye West for swimming upstream. In the liberal echo chamber that is Hollywood and pretty much all of celebrity-dom, saying something this against the grain take some guts. The left’s reaction has once again proven how intolerant they are.

America is in a new era where celebrity is everything. Since selecting our first reality TV show star president, politics has lost its solemnity.

When you have an entire news cycle dedicated to the possibility of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson running for president, and then you get a whole news cycle dedicated to a tweet that a rapper sent, you know we’re in uncharted waters.

America is definitely heading in this direction, so we need to ask ourselves the question, what will be the end result?

Look Over Here!

In politics we need to ask ourselves the question, how will this affect my life? News stories like that of the Kanye Trump interchange are definitely interesting. I’d even say they’re entertaining. The problem is they’re distracting.

The USA is currently in our primary election season for 2018. Depending on where you live, this is actually a more impactful election than the general election. in some places, the candidates elected in the primary don’t even have challengers in the general election. That means that the primary election is where the real decision is going to be made.

Obviously, national news outlets have to report on national news in order to appeal to their national audience. However, these stories often have little to no impact on your life.

Instead, they’re distracting you from what’s actually going on around you and the impact that it has on your life.

Enough with the Celebrity

Celebrities are humans. They are just like you and me. Rarely does a celebrity actually hold any kind of distinction that would make them an expert on any topic, let alone the political topics.

And yet American society seems obsessed with holding up the celebrities that agree with them. Obviously, this is tempting, celebrities do hold a large amount of sway. However, it is a dangerous trap that we need to be wary of.

As soon as you start holding up an individual instead of principles, you run into major problems. Individuals change. It wasn’t that long ago that Kanye West was talking about how much George Bush hates black people.

Policy is not a popularity contest. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It doesn’t matter if Kanye West or Kim Kardashian or Chuck Norris agrees with you. What matters is that your policy is based on truth.

It’s time for America to stop giving so much credence to what celebrities think. Time for us to refocus on where we live, what’s happening right here at home.

Let’s make this practical. Do you know who’s running in the primary election in your area? Have you checked out the candidates to make sure that you can cast an informed vote?

Or have you been too busy watching the interchange between Trump and Kanye West? Too busy checking out the memes and wondering who’s going to have the next zinger?

We have this Freedom, we have this Republic, if we can keep it. That means laughing at the ridiculousness of the national news, then moving on to what matters – rolling up your sleeves and making stuff happen on the local level.

Jonathan Paine

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