Jones for Congress? We did some Homework for You

A perfect example of knowing a candidate is Nicholas Jones who runs Good Burger restaurants and is running against Congressman Fulcher in the republican primary. We decided to take a look at what Mr. Jones’ customers think of his Good Burger on YELP and were not surprised at the results. Most of the comments were not very complimentary and indeed some were downright critical of the food and service. If this is any indication of how he would serve his constituents in congress, maybe he should instead consider being a caterer for the democrats.

Mr. Jones ran for the Boise city council in 2017 and came fourth in a four-way race—not exactly a stellar performance, but let’s give him credit for running in that liberal cesspool. He now thinks he is qualified to be a congressman from Idaho because of his vast experience and success in selling burgers. Jones said he wants to bring a small business voice to Congress we think he would be better off improving the service and quality of the food at his restaurants before asking Idahoans to vote for him. This 34-year-old entrepreneur first aspired to be a Ball Room dancer but evidently wasn’t light enough on his feet. He then tried his hand at selling “Bacon on a Stick” at fairs, took a run at consulting, and now runs a bunch of mediocre burger establishments and game stores in Idaho and Utah. He is critical of Congressman Fulcher for having much of his past experience in a corporate environment and says the congressman doesn’t understand small business.

We beg to differ with Mr. Jones and would say he may have the necessary skills to open and run small businesses, but he evidently has very little knowledge of our political process and the integrative relationships necessary to negotiate in the congressional arena. The difficulties of being one of 435 representatives can sometimes be daunting when you’re trying to get something important accomplished or even to have your voice heard. It is a lot different from running your own business and being able to make any and all the decisions necessary to make that business viable and profitable. Mr. Jones lives in a small business microcosm and has no previous experience in the political arena that is critical for anyone seeking the position of congressman. If you don’t have the knowledge of how our legislative process works, your chances of being a successful legislator in a congressional setting are about as good as running a burger restaurant without a grill to cook them on.

While Jones talks about his ideas of how to reduce the national debt, If placed in a room with 434 other representatives, I seriously doubt that he would even be able to present his ideas of cutting extraneous expenses in a congress currently controlled by democrats. Jones accuses Fulcher of not being able to identify the minutiae of these big issues like he can but we must ask our newest wannabe why he gets so many bad comments on his Good Burger enterprise? Maybe he should be paying more attention to the minutiae of his own business and leave politics alone until he has some real experience.

Turning the first congressional district over to this young man would be like putting a child into a lion’s den with no way to defend himself. If Mr. Jones wants to be a congressman, we would suggest he first learn what legislating is all about and run for a state elected office. This is where he can get a real taste of politics and people can judge his abilities to actually write and get legislation passed. His current resume does not show the credentials of someone seasoned enough or conservative enough to represent the people of Idaho in Washington. Personally, as a citizen of this great state, I would find it impossible to vote for this man.

This is a perfect example of someone who has the money to spend on a campaign but does not have the background necessary to get him elected if voters do their homework. It is like the old adage, if you are going to buy a new car, you should check under the hood to see if it really has an engine. This one doesn’t.

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One thought on “Jones for Congress? We did some Homework for You

  1. I watched the campaign ad this young man had on local TV. He was just short of having an “attitude “. He has a lot to learn.

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