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Joe Biden: America’s Turkey

I think by now most of my readers realize that I’m not one to mince words and it is time to call this Turkey we have for a President for what he is an incompetent fool who hasn’t a clue as to what he is doing. If you think for a minute that Joe is entirely in charge of his mental faculties, you might want to take a good hard look at just what has happened to our country since this man was elected to be the leader of the free world. Just taking a quick glance in a Google search on how many ways Joe Biden is destroying America turns up we found many interesting headlines from some of the staunchest liberal publications who were his big supporters.

Here are just a few Google Headlines we found: From Business Insider: Reelecting Biden Would Destroy Our Great Republic As We Know It.From CNN: Biden is close to the point of no return with Americans on the economy: – The Washington Post: Historians privately warn Biden that America’s democracy is teetering: BBC: Bidens 100 days: What went wrong about him? Mind you these have been some of Joe’s biggest supporters that are finally realizing that this was probably the biggest mistake in our 247-year history

Let’s just look at the damage this man has done in undermining America as a world leader since he took command in 2020. From the covid fiasco to the crisis with illegals crossing the border unabated along with drugs that are killing one hundred thousand Americans a year this man has brought us the advent of becoming a third-world country. We have become so divided and emersed in hate that there is little chance of fixing our problems until after the 2024 election providing, we have Trump as our next president. Even then the transition will be at best difficult and at worst totally untenable in terms of unification. It is my opinion that Barrack Obama is still the Ring Master of this circus from behind the scenes trying to finish what he started during his 8 years as president. His objective was always to fundamentally change America not necessarily from an economic, government, or foreign policy perspective but to change it culturally. We should have known from the beginning when he used the campaign slogan “HOPE AND CHANGE” or when he said “Fundamentally Transform” loud alarm bells should have been going off in our heads.

America was riddled with problems, but we could certainly have addressed them without fundamentally transforming our country into something our forefathers never wanted it to be. What Obama wanted to do is the exact definition of totalitarianism to fundamentally transform human nature via some form of political-ideological-cultural upheaval. Well, you have to admit he certainly did much of what he said he was going to do with at least half of our country. Were it not for Trump winning the 2016 election we would have been up to our eyeballs in the left’s septic system four years earlier under the rule of Queen Hillary. Trump was our life raft in a turbulent ocean of new government rules and regulations that pushed climate change and fundamental matters of sexual orientation, along with marriage and family. His policies were the basis of DEI in today’s world as the new agenda was to denounce, demonize, and destroy anyone who disagreed with the left. In Obama’s eyes, we were the outliers, the haters or as Hillary described us the “Deplorables”.

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The Biden administration has done nothing more than to take over where Obama left off and the team currently running our country are still part of the Obama gang, using his strategy to fundamentally change our country. Just look at the advisors Biden has surrounded himself with they are all part of the former Obama clan of leftists. Biden has done all he can to continue the Obama cry for change with his appointments of gays to prominent positions in his administration to the close ties he has formed with the Chinese and Iran who would like nothing more than to take over or destroy the U.S. Biden and his team have opened up pandora’s box and it will take a lot of hard work to undo the damage this man has created with Obama policies. You only need to look at his history so far from opening our southern border and allowing millions of illegals to enter unabated. This invasion is costing taxpayers $500 billion while Joe and his gang are increasing our debt by multi trillions of dollars thereby creating inflation the likes of which we haven’t seen for 40 years.

We are truly in a pickle with Joe as our leader for the next year but there may still be light at the end of the tunnel. It appears that even his staunchest supporters are finally seeing how detrimental he could be to them in winning the next election and it is more doubtful with each passing day that he will be the democratic nominee. We will more than likely see someone like Gavin Newsom get the NOD from the party at the convention to be their standard bearer. The only problem is that he is the only politician with a worse record than Biden. Can he win with his smile and good looks? I will say only if all conservatives go brain-dead between now and November 2024.

We have all seen how the deep state has weaponized the DOJ and various other enforcement agencies to keep Trump from running but so far, they are doing nothing but making his supporters grow both in numbers and determination to see he is reelected. I have said all along that there is no other candidate who I believe could meet the challenge of undoing all the harm that has been cast on our country during Biden’s reign. I don’t believe that any of these lawsuits against Trump will keep him from running and that even if convicted by a DC court with a biased judge and jury he will eventually be vindicated of all charges on appeals. By the same token the more we hear about Biden’s business dealings with his son and the influence peddling he is accused of the more I feel that he will eventually be brought to justice and the whole truth will come out about his corruption.

As we watch the rest of this political circus for the next year it will be interesting to see how the liberal media will spin Biden being cast aside for someone like Gavin Newsom. What concerns me is the cheating that you can be sure the democrats and the RINOs are preparing for with mail-in and absentee ballots. It will be a herculean task to make sure we have an honest election this time because any other scenario will spell disaster for our country. It will also be important to make sure we turn out the vote as the polls for all they are worth are no longer reliable, although I do believe that Trump definitely has the advantage. While we are still a year away from the election as true conservatives, we must do all we can to make sure that Obama’s dream of fundamentally changing our country does not come full circle as it would mean the end of our constitution as we know it. I for one will be praying for a Trump victory and I hope most of my readers will do the same because we all know.

“We get the Government We Deserve”. MAGA

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you are correct about Obama. If you remember as he won the presidency he said publicly, ” we are only a few hours away from changing America forever”. Whatever the composition of the group supporting Biden, they are well hidden and as we saw previously when they kept Biden in his basement during the last election, they will again do so this election. It is time for the citizens to pull their heads out of their, well, phones, and wake up. we are seeing a bloodless revolution taking place supported by the idiots using Tic Toc and have over looked the education our children have gotten from our socialist educational system. it is past time to review the text books the teachers unions are using to indoctirnate our student with lies.

“If you drop the pretending, it becomes crystal clear to see the hostages are being used as leverage to stop a counteroffensive by the Israeli military. The Obama/Biden administration alignment with Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), permeates the media narrative with calls to negotiate terms for peace and hostage release.

Benjamin Netanyahu is being painted into a corner by the Biden administration who are using the U.S. military presence as a shield to force Israel to follow the approved program of the U.S. government. Biden, et al, want to protect Hamas while simultaneously calling residents of Gaza “victims” to the interests of Hamas and the PIJ.

With 200+ hostages held by Hamas, and up to another 50 held by PIJ, the slow drip of successful hostage release negotiations becomes the justification to stopping the Israeli War counteroffensive.

Obama/Biden et al, want a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians. I believe all efforts are underway to exploit the 10/7/23 terrorist attack to advance that agenda. Netanyahu is being carefully painted into a position where the survival of Israel will be contingent upon accepting this two-state solution, which essentially means -in the long picture- the elimination of the Israeli state.

Biden will give the outward face of complete support toward Israel; however, the background work will be to protect Gaza, and thereby Hamas, and controllably expand -if needed- the regional conflict, such that a two-state solution becomes the only viable option for the survival of Israel. Efforts by Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and by extension Iran, will appear to be confronted by Biden, but only insofar as the need for USA military support becomes more important and that dependency paints Netanyahu into a corner.

The nation of Qatar is the financial support system for the Muslim Brotherhood, the political umbrella of extremist (authentic) Islam. The Brotherhood supports Hamas, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, the Islamic State and all the terrorist affiliates therein. The Brotherhood leadership live in Turkey, under the protection of Recep Erdogan – who wants to recreate the Ottoman Empire. The Hamas leadership live in Qatar, under the protection of Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz Al Thani. Joe Biden supports the efforts of Erdogan and Thani.

Now, does the 2022 memo pictured left make more sense?

Each of the aforementioned actors, including Obama/Biden and all the U.S. operatives from the State Dept therein, view Israel as the provocateur in the dynamic. The pro-Palestinian progressive movement within the Democrat Party is visibly part of this dynamic. Thus, the alignment of common interests can be expanded to include, leftists, Democrats, Palestinians, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Biden Administration and Qatar. The common enemy, Israel.

Once you understand this dynamic, then you are able to see what happens in the background and how it aligns with the interests of the group.

Blunting any effort by the Israelis in the war against Hamas becomes a matter of taking steps that make it more difficult for the international community to support the Israeli side of the war against Hamas.

Who are the people really driving this narrative and foreign policy effort? The Obama crew.”

To continually focus on either Biden or the Democrats as America’s problem is to miss altogether America’s problem.

Biden’s just the latest chicken come home to roost thanks to Article 6’s Christian test ban by which mandatory biblical qualifications for civil leaders was also eliminated.

But to focus exclusively on the Chickens disguised as Donkeys is to miss the Chickens disguised as Elephants across the aisle in the same Chicken Coop, aka the Swamp.

The very best you can get from the Constitutional Republic’s biblically abominable election system is the lesser of two evils. Sometimes it’s the worst of the worst, and always the evil of two lessers.

Time to send both species of Crocodiles (disguised as Donkeys and Elephants) packing.

For more regarding Article 6’s Christian test ban, see Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

We all know Biden is not running our country. Obama never left. He would like nothing better than to make us into a Marxist country and he is doing a good job of it. I pray it is not too late to turn our country around from the “insanity” going on now.

We have to ask the question, “How did we ge here?” We go from one crisis to another…Afghanistan, Ukraine, inflation, bank runs. This was not happening when Trump was in for four years. IT’S HAPPENING NOW! They want the narrative to be “Biden saved the day”, but the real narrative is O/Biden caused this.

It looks like O/Biden has backed himself into a corner with the Muslims, Arabs AND the Jews. Many of them no longer trust him and will not
vote for him in the next election. Michigan has especially made his polls go down according to what I have read from their websites. This all
started with a weak president. When he went into Ukraine, he showed the enemy how badly he handled the situation. The Hamas decided this was their chance to strike while O/Biden was in power. They knew that Trump would not stand for it. Now we have this fight going on in our country. O/Biden started this mess by sticking his nose in Ukraine, and now we will have to pay for it. I believe this is what Obama was instructed by (Soros and others) to do all along, and he has had 3-terms to do the dirty deed.

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