Jihad Idaho: why it can happen here and how to be ready

September 11, 2001 was a day which mirrors December 7, 1941. An unexpected attack by an increasingly aggressive Japan caught the Pacific Fleet off-guard. The Commander, Admiral Kimmel had been responding to war warnings which were vague,and regular patrols were constant. Most Naval historians readily admit that Peal Harbor’s anchorage offers a risky place to station a battle fleet. The narrow passage can be blocked and the Fleet held hostage with little effort. The Battleship Nevada got under way but after several hits was beached to avoid blocking the channel. Other ships had put out as the attack increased. An attack was expected but no one was ready to say where. There are still many unanswered questions about the attack on September 11. But all the online rumors and DHS bulletins say to expect a Caliphate attack in the US soon. What about Idaho? Are we safe?

Today we face a worldwide war declared on us by a mindset not seen since the 7th Century, not the Middle Ages as stated many times. Muhammad spread Islam on a fiery trail of conquest taking no quarter, demanding submission and moving his descendants to spread the Quran into the far reaches of the globe and deep into Europe. The threat of the wave of merciless warriors caused collapse of nations and entire civilizations. After centuries of sectarian and nation-building this fire has been relit and burns bright. Westerners cannot fathom the mind that enables women and children to put on vests of explosives, learn to decapitate enemies, execute prisoners in violent  ways not since seen since the 7th century and present the display on YouTube.

The Administration has done its utmost to deny the reality of the ideology and its goals. They are called “terrorists”. To the minds of many a terrorist is a violent malcontent who carries out their innermost aggressiveness for the  enjoyment of the empowerment it gives them. They are stateless, have no flag or land. The Administration says they will be brought to justice like a car thief, purse snatcher or bank robber. The denial is pathological and delusional.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has no intention of stopping there. Behind the black flag is a leader, a self-proclaimed ‘Mahdi”, a prophesied 12th Imam who will be reborn to lead the world to a true Islam and end the non-Islamic cultures, nations and peoples in a final merciless battle. It is an Islamic Apocalypse. To minimize The Caliphate as a group of random bomb-throwers is a lie. Terror is a weapon in an increasingly sophisticated and well funded arsenal.

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Idaho is seemingly remote from these happenings are its small population and cities seem to be a wall of protection. But as a weapon terror is effective against places and people that feel secure by distance or remoteness. The recruitment by internet of persons who seek to be a part of a worldwide movement that is covered in the news, generates fear and promises a paradise of rewards is undeniable. Individuals who have personal issues of abandonment, social isolation, tendencies to violence and seek to find a sense of higher purpose  are the usual prospects for Islam. Prison conversions are at high rates. The gradual abandonment of Judeo-Christian principles by National and even local governments to embrace pluralism have sped up the increase in the void that is now filled by Islam.

What type of attack could happen here? The most likely is one by the internet-converted Jihadist. This is the worst type to predict or track since the individual will likely by an isolated person who could plan and prepare quietly and then carry out a swift and violent attack on an audience that least expects it. These individuals have been fed by a desire to achieve a sense of fulfillment that even embraces martyrdom. They do not fear death and will not be likely to surrender. Islamist teachings of the Caliphate promise a reward and honor as a martyr. This can motivate the believer to do things an average citizen would not even imagine on their worst days.

The other type of possible attack is a more organized event, on a large scale. Several camps and organization embracing Jihadist principles have been reported in Oregon and Washington State. Networking and gathering supplies would be enhanced by the region’s remote location and movements might be masked as well. Again a fearless, no surrender group of true Jihadists would be involved most likely with a serious impact on anything from power transmission, a low-yield dirty bomb in an urban area or civilian casualties. The goal is to demonstrate that The Caliphate is worldwide, can strike anywhere it wishes and no one can stop it. The more unlikely and unattractive the target the more fear and disruption it will cause. This is the terror weapon. Unpredictable, lightning fast and paralyzing. Evidence of camps or documented Islamic leaders trying to establish areas for assembling materials and forces has been reported even in mainstream media.

How can Idaho citizens prevent or deter this type of event? By being who you are. Idaho is an open carry State. Visible firearms carried by responsible and trained citizens will deter all but the most dedicated martyr. We can no longer depend on a Federal Government that seeks to disarm, control and spy on us. In the end we will have to rely upon ourselves and our neighbors to prevent a tragedy from an enemy who knows no mercy. Making sure our own  State Government is actively protecting our Constitutional rights, that we respect all those who live under that Constitution and above all that  we are unwavering in our faith in The Almighty is the American Way, the Idaho Way.

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