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January 6th Committee

A few points should be noted about January 6th that won’t be by the media or the committee. The committee is partisan. Never has the minority party not been able to choose their members in a select committee yet Pelosi denied it here. This leaves us with no balance as every member, including Cheney, wants Trump arrested. If committed to truth we would hear cross examination and defense witnesses yet we won’t. Democrats hired a Hollywood TV producer to present this spectacle to us. It causes caution as to what might be left out in drawing our conclusions.

Perhaps President Trump wanted Pence to conclude the election unconstitutional due to the point that certain states violated the constitution under article 1 by changing election rules away from the legislation. Pence could then send the electors back to their states to decide what to do, whether that be keeping the electors, a special election or legislative appointments as states run their elections. This is up to constitutional debate. There is protocol to make a challenge. As each state presents its electors, if a house representative AND a senate representative challenge the results of a state, the house reconvenes to discuss the matter. That was in the process of happening when the riot broke out. The democrat party has challenged every lost election at the certification since 2000. The committee chair, democrat Bennie Thompson, actually voted not to certify the 2004 election.

Deceit has been present from the start. A glaring example perpetuated by politicians and the media being that Capitol police officer, Brian Sicnick, was killed by some chemical or blunt force. In April 2021, CNN noted he died of natural causes on January 7. These falsehoods made the riot, as bad as it was, seem worse. This day should be investigated but not from a one sided narrative. Cheney states the intelligence identified plans to invade yet it is not questioned why Pelosi did not fully staff the Capitol police or why Trump’s DOD early request for the national guardsman was denied. Never mentioned is that the GOP had a permit to protest at a sectioned area in front of the Capitol. Never mentioned was that the breach of the Capitol started 30 minutes before the speech was over and it is a 2 mile walk to the Capitol from the rally point. Capitol police removed fence barriers for easy access and allowed unwitting people into the Capitol doors. Never mentioned is a man named Ray Epps caught repeatedly on video calling for people to enter the building or the Antifa John Sullivan on video breaking things as neither has been arrested. Never mentioned is that Proud Boys and Oath Keepers leadership are known for being FBI informants and the New York Times states proof of FBI agents and informants in the mob or that the FBI has conducted false flag operations in our country like their involvement with the kidnapping case of the Michigan governor. No one has answered how many FBI informants and agents were present. How can there be a coup with no one charged with treason?

I play devil’s advocate because this seems slanted. I don’t know exactly what happened and never will with this committee. A perusal of the internet will expose prominent democrats speaking of stolen elections for the last 22 years. This is the same crew that deceived us for 3 years about Trump Russian collusion in his election win. This is the same crew who applauds democrat Stacey Abrams for not conceding the Georgia governor election. The crew complicit with Hillary’s apology tour about the stolen 2016 election and her pre-election day demand that Joe Biden not concede the 2020 election under any circumstances. The same crew silent about democrat Chuck Schumer yelling in front of the Supreme Court building at a protest that Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch have released a whirlwind and will pay the price for their decisions and who are silent about the loon who attempted to kill Kavanaugh. The crew silent about Antifa rioters forcing Trump into hiding while trying to breach the White House in the summer of 2020 and the burning of multiple government buildings in various states and declaring Seattle a sovereign nation for weeks. Believe these people?

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Before we start slapping Liz Cheney on the back for her principled stance we should ask why she would participate in this partisan fiasco, why did she edit out tweets from Trump asking protestors to go peacefully and patriotically and why did she impeach him without the Chief Justice present 7 days after January 6 and hold the trial 18 months later? Where is the due process? Sadly, this is party politics on display and a Stalin like show trial.

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One reply on “January 6th Committee”

Indeed, this is a dog and pony show of epic proportion! Spot-on! It is politics plain and simple. Cheney is on this “Select Committee” for one reason ONLY — she is as much a “hater of Donald Trump” as any of the Democrats on the committee. The purpose has NEVER been to shed light on what happened on January 6. It has always been just another continued assault on Donald Trump. The LEFT, including Cheney, has ONE purpose. That purpose is to insure that President Donald John Trump will NEVER be able to run for President again. That is their goal and they will say and do anything to accomplish it. It is simply a continuation of what Cheney and the Left did during Trump’s tenure in the White House.

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