‘Betrayal’: James Dobson Unloads On Republicans

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‘Christians should be outraged, once again’ by $500 million for abortionists

Dr. James Dobson, who for decades has been the radio voice for Christians on children, family, life and marriage, first with Focus on the Family and now with Family Talk radio, says it’s an outrage that Congress has funded the abortionists at Planned Parenthood with another $500 million.

“While there are multiple reasons for which conservatives should take issue with such a bill, Christians specifically should be outraged by the inclusion, once again, of half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding for the country’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood,” he said.

The omnibus spending bill, all $1.3 trillion of it, was passed with virtually no evaluation by Congress and signed Friday by President Trump, who said he would never sign such a bloated spending bill again.

The 2,200 pages of the bill were available to Congress for only a little over a day before the vote, virtually ensuring that no one could study what is in it.

Trump lamented that the narrow GOP majority in the Senate required the inclusion of many Democrat perks, including the Planned Parenthood funding.

“In passing the very immoral omnibus spending bill, the Republican establishment in both the House and the Senate has betrayed those who put them in office in the first place,” Dobson said Wednesday.

He said that while the Hyde Amendment “makes it technically illegal to use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, we know full well that these resources will be used to promote and expand an organization that many Americans find abhorrent and incompatible with our Christian faith.”

“Along with millions of other evangelicals, I am beyond disappointed that even while conservatives hold the presidency and both houses of Congress, we were unable to secure much more in this bill,” Dobson said. “Let this betrayal be a reminder to all those who fight on the side of life, that the pro-abortion forces in this nation will never stop and therefore, we too must always remain vigilant.”

Dobson said he and his pro-life allies believe they are closer to achieving “our ultimate goal of overturning Roe v. Wade than at any other point in the last 45 years.”

“So close to the finish line, we must redouble our efforts to ensure that indeed, never again will the American people allow a bill like the omnibus disaster to pass through a government that is supposed to represent our interests. Please join me in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, in voting for only those who vow to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all.”

Dobson, Christian leader, author and psychologist, has written dozens of books and has advised several presidents on family issues.

He wasn’t the only critic of the cash infusion for the abortion industry, which has been rocked in recent years by a series of undercover videos revealing abortionists lucrative trade in the body parts of unborn children.

One abortionist argued for higher pay because, “I want a Lamborghini.”

A writer at the libertarian said the abortion funding means GOP lawmakers either don’t care or realize they can’t “run for re-election on promises to cut funding for Planned Parenthood if they actually cut funding for Planned Parenthood.”

The Catholic News Agency reported “deep disappointment” from the U.S. Conference on Catholic Bishops, and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., was incensed.

“When the American people sent us to Congress,” Meadows said, “their message was loud and their mandate clear: Secure the border … defund Planned Parenthood; gut wasteful spending; drain the swamp and change the unsustainable way Washington, D.C., does business. This budget embraces the polar opposite of these principles.”

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., turned sarcastic: “It’s a good thing we have Republican control of Congress or the Democrats might bust the budgets caps, fund planned parenthood and Obamacare, and sneak gun control without due process into an Omni … wait, what?”

The Hill reported conservatives in Congress kept trying to amend the bill up to the last minute.

Rep. Tom Garrett, R-Va., had proposed defunding Planned Parenthood, but the majority refused to go along.

Dobson, who only occasionally speaks out publicly on issues, instead choosing to work through his radio audience, his books and other media, spoke out when Iceland boasted it was eliminating Down syndrome through abortion.

The Daily Signal reported Down syndrome is virtually disappearing in Iceland.

“More accurately, people with Down syndrome are being eliminated in Iceland through abortion,” the report said. “As prenatal testing becomes more and more widespread across the world, the number of babies born with Down syndrome and other conditions has decreased because when parents opt for screening that reveals an abnormality, many opt to end the pregnancy.”

Dobson, who holds 18 honorary doctoral degrees, said at the time, “I have rarely seen a story that so closely resembles Nazi-era eugenics as a recent report about Iceland ‘eradicating’ nearly 100 percent of Down syndrome births through abortion.

“This is a trend closely followed by other Western nations including Denmark, France and even the United States. We should all be deeply sorrowful and outraged. This practice is as equally inhumane as the views of the racist bigots who disgraced our country in Charlottesville.”

He warned: “The Bible tells us that ‘we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.’ I know countless parents who would say the same of their own children with Down syndrome. A child born with a chromosome defect is a child made in God’s image, fully capable of living a happy, productive and healthy life.

“Each of them is blessed with a wide range of unique gifts and abilities, and they are as capable of giving and receiving love just as you and I are. They deserve a chance to live and those of us in the church must speak out on their behalf. May we place ourselves on the right side of history and fight for the cause of life for all of the unborn,” he said.

Fox News reported actress Patricia Heaton also was outraged.

“Iceland isn’t actually eliminating Down syndrome. They’re just killing everybody that has it. Big difference,” she wrote.

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