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It’s Your Choice Faith, Family & Freedom or Benevolent Corruption

Mr. Bundy has an almost impossible task before him in trying to become Governor. He cannot pull off this campaign by himself. The media will continue to create a narrative about who he is and what he stands for that will have to be addressed throughout the campaign. Until I got to meet and talk to Mr. Bundy, I had been influenced by the false narrative that continues even today. I have never met a person who has met, who has listened to him in person, or talked to Mr. Bundy who hasn’t walked away with a very different impression of him than what the mainstream media has promulgated. Brad Little, who has the press sitting in his back pocket, can’t say the same thing. Many people after meeting Brad leave disappointed—unless they are a lobbyist or political operative-advisor.

Great leaders and great politicians—sometimes they are the same, want the people they lead to know them, and they want to know the people they lead. They are comfortable with themselves and believe in themselves. People who hide from the public are either shy, or they are uncomfortable with who they are. If they are shy, they shouldn’t be in politics. Being shy and being humble are very different personality traits. I was critical last year and will continue to be critical of any candidate no matter how far behind or ahead they are in the polls for not debating. Donald Trump when he came down the escalator to begin his run for the Presidency said, “I will debate anybody, anyplace, anytime”. Any person running for office should feel the same type of duty to the people they seek to represent and lead. WE THE PEOPLE should require that as a condition for our vote.

It would be interesting for someone more skillful than myself to look at where the support for the Romney—Kasich—Liz Cheney wing of the Idaho Republican Party comes from. Let’s begin with all the State employees and most of the teachers in the State. Then add in employers and their employees from large companies who are represented by lobbyists inside and outside the State government—IACI, IHA/IMA, and the teacher(s) unions. Look at individuals and corporations that contribute to the Little Campaign from inside and outside the State. Add in the twenty to forty thousand Democrats who crossed over and voted in the Republican Primary who know that Mr. Little and the corporatist cronies collusionists will be easier to control than a conservative constitutionalist.

Scout the competition. Know who they are. Anticipate their tactics and understand their strategies. Most importantly know your own playbook inside out. Concentrate on your plays and work hard to make your opponents react to you instead of you reacting to them.

To win Mr. Bundy will need to rapidly consolidate conservative leaders throughout the State beginning with the “biggies”. Janice McGeachin, Priscilla Giddings, Dorothy Moon, Brent Regan, Wayne Hoffman, Kevin Miller, Ed Humphreys, and many others. The question for them and us is simple. Do we hold true to our principles, or are we more loyal to the Republican Party?

It is not just the Republican establishment that needs to be defeated. The corruption, the collusion, the cronyism all needs to be addressed. We are Republicans who are against what has happened in our State, and we want to return to Conservative Republican governance.

Ammon—get these people on your side. Respectfully solicit their support and help. Then make the campaign about faith, families and freedom and you can pull it off. The odds are against you and many things must happen quickly. If those waypoints on the political map can be hit in a timely fashion, it can be done. Just look what the Youngkin—Sears team accomplished in Virginia against similar odds.

Faith, family, and freedom should be on the ballot.

We need a Ron DeSantis in Idaho.

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2 replies on “It’s Your Choice Faith, Family & Freedom or Benevolent Corruption”

Amen. Principle OVER Party!!! It is time for conservatives to put away any differences and come together to support the BEST candidate Idaho could ever have: Ammon Bundy.

Yes, we definitely are in need of a Ron DeSantis style of governor. Bundy is not the one and neither is Little. We lost McGeahen for several reasons, one being that Bundy thru his cowboy hat into the ring….big mistake.

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