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It’s Our Anniversary – Fourteen Years and Counting

I would personally like to thank all of our readers for their support!

George Orwell once said “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act: Be careful what you say nowadays or you could be considered an enemy of the state. How in heaven’s name did we get to the point where we have a president who is cognitively impaired a congress that can’t find a conservative leader and a Senate that is unwilling to hold an impeachment hearing? Did you ever think that we could possibly reach that point in America where we lose the rule of law? A place where a former president would be persecuted by his opponent who colluded with prosecutors to put him in jail? Did you ever think it possible that our government would weaponize our DOJ and law enforcement agencies against its citizens for speaking out at school board meetings against transgenderism or praying silently at abortion clinics. Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME TO 1984.

As Americans are watching our country slowly sink into an unending pit of government corruption, we must ask how we got here but then I don’t think there is a simple answer to the question. I will say that it began many decades ago when our mass media began to consolidate through mergers and acquisitions until 90% of today’s media is run by 6 corporations that no longer report the news but instead give opinions that are always skewed to the left. We live in a world today where everyone has an opinion and has a need to let everyone else know what it is on social media. The advent of the internet has changed the world forever as information is almost instantaneously distributed worldwide with the push of a button.

This is the Gem State Patriot’s 14 anniversary and I do occasionally find it disheartening that so many fail to see the value of the printed word anymore. It seems that everyone in today’s world needs immediate gratification of social media where they get instantaneous responses to their posts. Today’s younger generations appear to be more self-absorbed and self-centered. It also appears that it is more important for people to know they are liked because the more likes they get on social media the better they feel about themselves. I must admit I went through that phase with Facebook when the Gem State had a page on their platform and at one time got a million hits and had a quarter million followers. I thought that was just the cats meow until the liberal police decided they didn’t like many of the items we were posting and within a month we became insignificant as they reduced our reach on their platform. Just about every one of our posts were taken down for some sort of violation of their absurd rules. It wasn’t till just last year, thanks to Elon Musk we found out that much of the manipulation on social media was being controlled by government agencies that had infiltrated and made deals with these social media companies. Our government agencies became the social media police and if they didn’t like what you were saying you were shut down. Your 1st amendment rights were violated by the very people who were tasked to defend them.

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We only have to look at what is happening to former President Trump with all of these lawsuits being tried in democratically controlled cities by prejudiced attorney generals and judges who issue inappropriate gag orders to silence Trump. It’s not easy to defend yourself when you’re not permitted to talk about the people who are falsely accusing you of crimes. Our constitution is being burnt up by the very people we elected to uphold it and it appears that while Trump’s popularity continues to grow the pressure from a weaponized government mounts. They are going to try every dirty trick in the book to put this man in jail as he is the voice of freedom and which they fear more than anything else because it can destroy the corrupt government, they have been building for the past six decades.

I think it is amazing how our government has taken so much control over our lives simply by implementing rules and regulations that they had no right to issue or enforce. We have been living under a uni-party system for decades as the silent majority fell asleep at the political wheel and they took us all on a road trip that will end by running off an economic cliff. I still have hope that Trump will pull off a hat trick and decimate these lifelong politicians like Biden on November 5th so we can get back to rebuilding our economy and taking care of our own. These corrupt politicians of the UNI-PARTY have been spending our tax dollars like a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave and it is high time we put a stop to this anarchy we have been living under.

You, my friends, will have an opportunity to turn our country around and get it back on the road to freedom and economic prosperity this November. I only hope enough Americans have learned the lesson that “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

I want to thank all of our readers who have stayed with us for all of these years and I hope we have helped enlighten you on the realities of what is happening in our country and our state. Please don’t be shy in giving us your comments on the articles we publish as that is the only way we can get your opinions on what we can do to improve the Gem State.

I decided to try social media one more time on a platform I trust so Tea Party Bob is now on Donald Trump’s platform “Truth Social” under the name @teapartybobv You ask why the v after my name well it stands for victory this November when we take back the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

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7 replies on “It’s Our Anniversary – Fourteen Years and Counting”

Congratulations. Keep up the battle for truth instead of allowing the cowards of the main media to bow to the censorship of their socialist managers.

Thank you Robert for all you do via The GSP for liberty in Idaho. You are one of only a few voices in our State that is willing to speak truth and who is willing to stand up to the corporate cronyism in our State and local governments.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

“Steady Even Pressure”

As pamphleteers for 15 years we appreciate what you’ve done, Bob and feel a kinship. I hesitate to say “Happy Anniversary” for all the reasons you have so eloquently stated. We’ve been living in 1984 for quite some time. Not certain we can do much about it, but we keep plowing onward. It’s important to educate folks and you have done that very well over your 14 year run.

Thanks Again for all you do.
Patriot Advocate – Midvale, ID

Thank you, Bob, for 14 years of insightful commentary.Please keep up the great work. Our country is truly decaying before our eyes.We have a chance this November to stop that.Will enough voters wake up and elect President Trump by the 100 million votes,( at least ), needed to thwart the Marxist Dem cheating? If not, full blown 1984.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts and dedication to trying to save our State and the Country. It seems as if it were ages ago when we met at the Tea Party meetings. Keep up the good work.

Sorry, but George Orwell NEVER ever said what you claimed. It even is listed at number one in an article by John Rentoul at The Independent on September 16, 2022 titled The Top Ten Fake George Orwell Quotations. And another article by Garson O’Toole at Quote Investigator on February 24, 2013 titled In a Time of Universal Deceit – Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act provides a detailed discussion.

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