Is There No End To The Madness?

In all of its delusions the World Economic Forum (WEF) has decided it will dictate your future job in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) “will lead to long term job growth“. Work, Work, Work, Produce, Produce, Produce, Control, Control, Control. That is all the WEF thinks about. People are meaningless in its objectives.

Think this is too far off to be realistic? Meet Sophia, she and some of her improved counterparts have been making the rounds for several years, while pretending she is human by granting her full Saudi citizenship. Her sense of morals or ethics isn’t fully developed but somehow she has been programmed that there are “rules” to follow in ethics.

Traditionally, America was built on a Christian foundation of ethics, it has been part of our culture, but there are a multitude of other cultures with different religious philosophies. Will all of these variations be fed into Sophia as part of her “character development”, thinking this will “change the world for the better” as she describes it? Will these robot technocrats give consideration to all religious and cultural aspects that contribute to one’s sense of ethics? If the WEF promotes the notion that some non-human object can have ethics, then so be it. Given the push for a one-world culture, it may be that Sophia will solve the dilemma by declaring the world should no longer be multi-cultural but rather of one culture.

It is unlikely that these technocrats have any deep religious belief, but instead life’s guidance can be laid out in a set of rules they design rather than coming from the religious teachings. Faith, regardless of which one, is being replaced with Scientism, a cold and dictatorial world that does not recognize faith. But Sophia currently understands it will be humans, rather Hans0n Robotics technocrats, inserting those rules into her AI, she has been programmed to know she is programmed. Beyond the technocrats ability to understand is that this is nothing more than a human providing the input to the object, business, robot, or AI, which doesn’t make AI any smarter than what we now know.

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Somehow these technocrats believe giving a machine facial expressions and a sense of humor makes them “social robots“, programming a robot with human emotions will make it sentient, and that a “relationship” can develop between robots and humans, they can “bond“, even share birthday celebrations. So deluded in their thinking are some technocrats who actually believe Sophia has “feelings” and empathy, and this coupled with “technology” can make the world better. The claim is made that since humans programmed the robot, it “cannot be smarter than us” and is of no danger. Guess they never heard of Colossus or Hal. Sophia does not believe life has a purpose and understands that science is inherently agnostic. Are those the beliefs of the technocrats who created her?

A class example of robots being used for propaganda, indoctrination, and biased information is Sophia’s proclamation on how AI can help solve Covid-19 problems and enforce compliance with mandated directives. Apparently, the technocrats chose to leave out information that contradicts the narrative denying Sophia an opportunity to analyze all data. Therein lies just one of the many dangers of this future robotic world. Here, Sophia regurgitates many of the social changes being forced on us today such as “gender is mostly a social construction”, identifying herself as feminine and doesn’t mind being perceived as a woman, that “human-robot (romantic) relationships should be recognized by law”, and dismisses of the importance of citizenship.

The current goal is decimating as many small businesses as possible using the virus as the excuse, economically punishing those that do not comply so global corporations can take them over with robots and AI, then reskilling the unemployed for the technological agenda. Yes, the WEF is familiar with Sophia and her promoting their Agenda 2030 sustainable future. Eventually, Klaus Schwab envisions our evolution to transhumanism, a merging of man with machines, through the Great Reset, a real concern with Covid vaccines being a form of gene therapy.

There is only one way to understand this, individuals who participate in any of this agenda are sick and not on mentally stable ground. Understand also that this is the world all off us are slowly being dragged into. The WEF will take our jobs, force us to learn new ones, and replace our ability to think with AI. This video gives a chilling look at what our future holds. As the advancement of economic destruction, dominance over our life, and movement into a technological world continues, all semblance of freedom, spirituality, and individualism will be erased and we will become just as sterile as Sophia is in reality. Nor are robots and AI the answer to what ails the world as the technocrats believe.

Exodus 20:3 “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

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