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Is America Finally Waking Up?

(As we went to press, DeSantis withdrew and endorsed Trump. )

While the primaries have just started it seems like President Trump is off to a roaring start in spite of all the money DeSantis and Haley have spent. His sweep of Iowa with 51% of the vote shows us that this is a real movement of the people that will sweep him into the White House for a second term. New Hampshire is the next battleground but it already looks like Trump will also win this race handily. With DeSantis not even campaigning in New Hampshire and moving on to South Carolina, Trump’s only opponent is Haley.

While the polls show her with 35% of the vote, her biggest promoter, Governor Sununu, has already said in not so many words that she will be second in this race and that’s ok. What was interesting is that Haley’s home state governor along with Senator Scott from South Carolina came up to New Hampshire to stump for Trump. It is getting clearer that Trump will be the Republican candidate for president in November.

I believe we are even seeing the tide shifting in the corporate arena regardless of the idiots who attended the WEF conference. What was interesting this week is we saw a major break in corporate support for President Trump. Jamie Diamon CEO of JPMorgan Chase the largest bank in the U.S. and the world’s largest bank by market capitalization in an interview with CNBC made positive comments about President Trump. He declared that Trump was “Kinda of Right” right on very key issues like NATO, immigration, China, Tax Reform and how he grew the economy. Wow, this is a guy who in July of last year said, “I would worry about another Trump presidency too,”.

He also made mention about how demeaning MAGA would backfire on the democrats. It was November of last year in a Fortune Magazine article when Dimon voiced concern with the “Sneering” going on about MAGA and the possible consequences for democrats in November. I do believe we are about to come full circle when it comes to Trump as he leads the way to victory in November 2024.

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The Democrats have over played here hand and are about to be swept to the curb by a populist movement we haven’t seen since Ronald Regan. I do believe that Trump has been the catalyst to wake up the “Silent Majority” and it is clearly showing in the polls. Even a recent poll of independents shows Trump leading Biden with 47% to 40 if the election was a rematch of 2020.

I give you the infamous George Orwell quote from his novel 1984. “Those who control the present control the past, and those who control the past control the future.” Orwell’s novel 1984 described a dystopian future, where all citizens are manipulated by a single political party. He wrote this when information was being controlled by a minority of people and contains references to Nazi Germany which we have discussed in previous GSP articles. This quote should remind us how important it is to identify the sources of the information we receive.

We have discussed at length how our freedom of speech has been censored on social media platforms for years with our government’s knowledge and blessing. We saw clearly how information was manipulated by the government through the liberal media and social platforms in the Covid planned demic and the Hunter Biden Laptop controversy before the 2020 election. This was nothing but propaganda to hurt Trump’s chances for reelection.

Too many Americans take for granted that the information on the news and social media is the truth when in actuality this information has turned into propaganda because of the push by elitists who want to control. The one that really makes me laugh is when they call Trump a fascist. Trump is no more a fascist than I am, he does not advocate that the government should be controlling the economy and corporations and never has. It is Biden who has been trying to control every aspect of our lives with his executive orders and bureaucratic edicts.

You do not have to be a genius to figure that out but at least 40 to 50 of Americans have been brainwashed by this charlatan from Delaware. Fortunately, I believe the worm is turning and many Americans are now beginning to wake up to the reality that our country is in serious trouble. They are also beginning to realize that it was Joe Biden and the progressive democrats that have brought us to the breaking point as 8 million illegals are now in our country sucking our social services dry, we are engaged in supporting allies in two wars and the middle class has been decimated by runaway inflation. I would like to think that things couldn’t get much worse but then Sleepy Joe still has 11 months to choke the life out of our country.

They say it is always darkest before the dawn but I think that anyone with any common sense can clearly see that it is the democrats who have brought this great shadow over our country and it is time for the American people to show how distraught they are in November. America has been under siege for 3 years and it is time to turn the tables with a Trump victory along with a republican sweep of the House and Senate. Let’s Make America Great Again.

“We Get The Government We Deserve”

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2 replies on “Is America Finally Waking Up?”

Short answer? No. As long as Fulcher and Risch and Crapo and Little can get away with the tens of thousands of illegals they’re importing into Idaho we’re not any better than a third world country, except that we have entire class of citizens who still believe the laws apply equally.
Wake up, Idaho- you’re under attack by your “conservative” leaders.

Do these critters not know why they have been in positions to effect whatsoever is good is not just for themselves, their children, their grandchildren – but for all whom they are supposed to serve, AND for all folks now who aren’t of age or even in positions as yet to reverse draconian laws, all manners of fraud and deflections for personal and their immediate family’s benefit. Yes, they may be living in comfort and “security”, even hollow fame; yet have already binded/condemned their progeny and all whom they serve to government enslavement?

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