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IPTV Interview with Ammon Bundy

I was recently interviewed by Idaho Public Television in their studio. They told me because Brad Little would not join their debate, they wanted to interview the governor candidates separately. I think you will find this interview one that you can easily share with your friends. Please take a look. I hope you enjoy watching it…

I think there’s something important going on in this interview. No, I don’t know why Public Radio leans so strongly to the left and is so liberal. It obviously is. You can see that during the interview, too. But there’s something very powerful going on as well, and I hope it encourages you thereby.

The logic of America, the logic of Idaho is truly compelling. Most liberals have never heard it. Take, for instance, my interviewer’s very first question. “Why,” she asks me, “do you want to be Governor?” As we sat and spoke, it was crystal clear to me that the very idea of a person being completely compelled by the situation to run for an office he doesn’t want was utterly surprising to her.

This happened repeatedly. But, here’s the true key: If we conservatives will simply show up and hold the line of our beliefs, we are far, far more persuasive than any case the left ever brings to bear.

We’ve discussed before why Brad Little had to tuck tail and run for cowardly cover as opposed to debating me. Here you see the real reason why: Our arguments simply compel agreement. Not by force, or being forcefully stated, but by their complete and utter truth.

As you consider the coming days to the election, please share this interview with as many Idahoans as you can. And please be confident that the truth of our case is how we’re going to win.

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