Introducing: Avista Customer Group

We are a group of utility ratepayers and concerned citizens that have banded together to stop the sale of Avista Corporation, one of the largest suppliers of electric and natural gas generation in the Pacific Northwest.

Avista signed an agreement to be bought out by a Canadian electrical distributor owned by the Province of Ontario, named Hydro One. Hydro One is a company that borders on bankruptcy and has the worst reliability records and highest rates in all of Canada.

We are opposed to this buyout due to sovereignty issues and the possibility of skyrocketing electrical rates if history is any foresight of the future.

Hydro One charges a 70% surcharge on their bills for a Global Adjustment Fee. This pays a subsidy for inefficient wind and solar power producers to the tune of over one billion dollars a month that comes out of the ratepayers’ pockets. They turn off a large percentage of their customers for nonpayment every month.

We do not want this scheme brought to the states of Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana where Avista resides. We do not think it smart to sell the control of 13 dams that Avista owns especially while the renegotiation of the Columbia River Treaty with The US and Canada is in progress.

We also do not think it wise to allow the climate change agreements in Canada to be imported here to the US.

We have procured attorney Norm Semanko to help us in this fight and would appreciate any financial help from the public or any other like-minded organizations.

We are making progress on our path, having the Idaho Public Utility Commission now possibly having an evidentiary hearing next month, where our concerns will be addressed fully.

Help us stop this madness now before we are all bankrupted by sky-high utility bills. If this merger is not stopped it will filter to all utilities in the Northwest.

We need to spend some dollars to stop this now so that it may save us in the long run.

Visit our website

Send donations to:

Avista Customer Group
PO box 2325
Sandpoint, Idaho 83860

Thank you in advance for your help.

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