Integrity in Government

This past weekend, the Republican Central Committee Body voted out a party rule “Integrity in Government”, I respect the vote of the committee and the integrity of its members. This is our process and I respect it. I support this rule because I truly care about the people in my community.

We as Republicans have a great platform. Why are we afraid to ask those running for office to simply read it? Shouldn’t the people running for office have some accountability to the people who elect them to office?

These very people have elected me as a precinct committeeman to represent their interest and their concerns. Through this process committee representative such as I work to structure our governing principles as a party and construct our platform. These representatives come from all walks of life and political persuasions to be sure their voice is heard. There is passion in the debate and in the end we come to a document that represents the will of the people we serve.

The Integrity in Government rule is simply an attempt to assure those seeking office have read the platform. It is an attempt to safeguard those who elect that we represent the value as reflected through the committee process. It is also an opportunity for those seeking office to also oppose certain planks in the platform and explain to the voters why this is. This is called “Integrity.” The people we wish to represent deserve nothing less.

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Based on the past elections both locally and nationally people are demanding a change. Broad support for conservative principals abound and yet we as Republicans seem content to go along to get along. Have we been so conditioned with the socialist agenda of the Democrat party that we are content to be wards of the federal government and now even our state government? We have better ideas and we can fight back against this tsunami, which seems to be engulfing us. There is a cry for better governance and the party platform is the answer. Do we believe in our citizenry and do we serve them or do we serve power?

It is the job of the Government to protect the rights of the people! It is the job of the people to enforce the contract. The United States Constitution and the Idaho Constitution are the operators manual for liberty. If we don’t step up and demand the contract be adhered to we will lose the Republic and the gift that was granted us.

There has never been a better design for a productive free society than the one our founders created. Our rights are inherent meaning they come from God not government, and we place our trust in those we elect to safeguard these rights.

We the people must never relinquish our Republic. A Republic is rule by balance and limits the power of government thereby placing it in the hands of the people. We must learn the manual and operate it as a well-educated citizenry. As Ben Franklin said to Mrs., Powel when she asked what kind of government have you given us, “It’s a Republic if you can keep it.”

We need to inform the citizenry of our intentions they deserve nothing less.

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” — Abraham Lincoln

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