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If not now, when

Cronyism and corruption are alive and well in Idaho. But the political elites and the establishment media are getting worried about “We the People”. Last week on KTVB Brian Holmes and his “team” produced a very glitzy “Hit” piece on the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) that completely backfired. I should send the crew a box of doughnuts from Crispy Cream for giving an organization that I believe in so much free advertising. Contributions to the (IFF) have increased several times over the past few days so I am begging them to rerun the series next week repeatedly. Thank you, Brian. The real key to the piece I believe was the interview with Roy Eiguren. Over the years I have been on opposite sides in policy debates from Roy on several health care policy issues, but I have always found him to be a gentleman, fair and considerate, and always logical in his debates and presentations. He exhibited all those qualities during his interview on KTVB last week. The issue regarding non-profit status of the IFF and the two separate legal entities that they are involved in was addressed by pointing out that several organizations that lobby our legislatures are organized similarly—ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and The Board of Realtors are examples of non-profits that have a political arm and Foundations. Thank you, Brian Holmes, for not editing out Mr. Eiguren’s analysis of the situation—that was fair.

On February 25th, the crew at KTVB presented a follow-on story about the Take Back Idaho (TBI) —not Traumatic Brain Injury, Organization that was organized to combat the (IFF) —Bob Geddes and Jim Jones—both Board members of that organization said so in the piece. Several of the Board members of (TBI) are friends of mine, one Ben Ysursa who I consider to be a close friend and even one of my political heroes. The members of the Board of that organization are a Who’s Who of RINOs in Idaho. None of them are Donald Trump Republicans. I believe that if you polled the members of (TBI) about who they would vote for in a one-on-one race between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump the overwhelming majority would be Mitt Romney Republicans. This group aligns themselves with the Romney—Bush—Kasich—Boehner—Ryan—Liz Cheney wing of the Republican Party. They are the status quo ne- con wing of the party. They are Mike Crapo, Mike Symes, and Speaker Bedke apologists… They are the establishment wing of the party that Butch Otter courageously fought against his entire career until the last two terms of his governorship when he embraced no child left behind and other big government programs that made Idaho more dependent of Federal transfer monies than on State funds.

If Brian Holmes and others in the main media including Betsy Russell and people at Idaho Public Broadcasting were really interested in how corrupt organizations are influencing Idaho politics, they had in front of them the very people who have been part of that process for years. Look at who organizations like The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI). The Idaho Hospital Association (IHA), The Idaho Medical Association (IMA), The Idaho Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) and The Idaho Chamber of Commerce contribute to in the legislature and the Executive Branch. Identify the legislators and those running for state-wide office who accept those campaign funds. Look to see who accepts invitations from lobbyists and special interests to go to the Governor’s Cup—even members of our judiciary go to the Governor’s Cup! Just like Donald Trump had to go to Washington to clean up the “Three C’s” —Cronyism—corporatism—corruption, those conservatives running for office in Idaho will need to clean up our Statehouse and State government. It has nothing to do with being Republican, Democrat—conservative, liberal, or progressive. It has everything to do with the abuse of power by those in a sclerotic antediluvian –Mike Simpson wants to do away with the lower Snake River Dams for gosh sakes, and The Cattleman have failed many times over to protect Idaho State lands from the Feds and have even colluded by their silence with the Land Board to create private venture opportunities that were not available to everyday people.

In the State of Idaho Ronald Regan—Barry Goldwater—Donald Trump conservatives outnumber Nelson Rockefeller—Bush brother—Romney Republicans easily. The media and corporate elite that align themselves with the “good-old boys’ will be a difficult coalition to defeat in May and in November, but they are hurting everyday Idahoans everyday—think grocery tax—property tax and State income tax relief. Think of a corrupt Medicaid system recognized as being the 4th most corrupt in the country with a 39% false claim and billings rate and the cost of health care premiums going up an average of 7% per year since Obama Care Medicaid expansion has been introduced in our State. The cost of health care has been going up even faster in the past 3 years paid for with PPP funds and Covid funding that has been facilitated by our Governor’s Emergency Orders that were recommended by an Advisory Board that has representatives from Health Care Lobbies and special interests and a former CEO of St. Luke’s that according to IRS Form 990 was paid $8.2 and $10million his last two years of employment. The Governor’s former legal council is now a Vice President of Blue Cross that does business in the past and has bid on and received contracts with the State.

I urge the Boards at Take Back Idaho and The Idaho Freedom Foundation to join together in asking for not only our legislators and State agencies to look into the symbiotic corporate fraud that exists in our State that his hurting everyday Idaho citizens who are paying ever increasing property, grocery and personal income taxes—even though the percentage tax stays the same the real taxes paid to the State Treasurer are increasing by the rate of inflation. Not only are they paying for increasing health insurance premiums for their own health care, but they are also paying with their taxes for Medicaid, State employees and teachers health insurance plus retirement. And how many on the (TBI) Board are receiving health care and retirement benefits from the State?—hmmmmmmm.

Let’s see who these Boards chose to side with between now and May. My bet is that they will both chose to be silent on the issue of fraud in Idaho. So will the mainstream media. I know how Donald Trump would take on this fight. We have enough citizens on our side to mount a full-frontal attack if we chose to do so. Issues like Health Care Fraud (HCF) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) are real and important, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. The real issue is corporate government collusion and fraud and how it is hurting everyday Idahoans. I cannot think of a better time to mount a charge

Over the entranceway to the Football practice field at the Naval Academy—at least it used to be, are the words: “If not now when. If not you who?”

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Need to do a little more editorial work on this article prior to publication. For instance, it is “Krispy Kreme” not Crispy Cream. It is “Ronald Reagan” not Ronald Regan. Also, one should hyphenate “Romney-Republicans” just as one hyphenates neo-conservatives. Antediluvian is an adjective and can not be the object of a prepositional phrase (sclerotic antediluvian) although the imagery evoked could be interesting….

If you’re interested in a proof-reader, give me a shout.

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