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Idaho’s Do Nothing Legislature

Looks like the taxpayers of Idaho just got shortchanged again as the special legislative session yielded nothing but a resolution condemning President Biden’s vaccine mandates.

IACI wins again as 30 bills were presented to the legislature in this special session and as usual, all these bills were either killed by committee chairman or killed in our progressive republican senate. The House passed 7 bills but only 3 were chosen by the Senate to be given a public hearing. The first bill would have required approval of all religious exemptions from vaccine mandates the second would have required worker’s compensation to pay for shot related injuries and the third would have prohibited employers from requiring proof of vaccination status. All three of these bills failed to pass the Senate. All three of these bills would have protected the citizens of Idaho from these unwarranted vaccine mandates by hospitals and corporations. Our Senate has become a legislative circus that spent over $100,000 of taxpayer money to do absolutely nothing.

Oh I forgot the one thing they did accomplish is to formally censure Representative Priscilla Giddings for exercising her freedom of speech making a mockery out of her first amendment rights. How long will the people of Idaho put up with this puppet government we have that is being totally controlled by lobbyists? How long will they sit around talking about how these insidious progressive republican creations continue to legislate our state to look more like Colorado and Oregon? Idahoans are losing control of their government because of these progressive minded legislators who represent them. One might think that our legislature has made political prostitution legal when you realize how they have been screwing the taxpayers for the past decade or two.

This special session is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The progressive republicans and democrats in the house decided 37 to 24 that they would “Sine Die” adjourn leaving no opportunity to reconvene should President Biden decide to issue more unconstitutional mandates. It also leaves the Governor free to spend the federal dollars we received without any consultation with our legislature.

It should also be noted that Representative Giddings proposed bill H420 on Monday morning to restore a parent’s ability to make medical decisions for a child since children as young as 14 can now decide if they want to take the covid vaccine.

Rep Fred Wood and Scott Bedke refused to give the legislation a public hearing. It seems to us that Speaker Bedke and Representative Fred Wood have shown us that they think it is ok for 14-year-olds to decide on taking this vaccine and leave the parents with any problems it might cause to their health. These are the progressive idiots we have voted to represent us in our legislature. When are we going to weed these progressive republicans out? It was Representative Giddings who made note in her legislative update that it was Representative Wood a retired physician who refused to allow the Health & Welfare committee to meet and permit public testimony on 9 bills related to vaccine mandates.

He stated, “If you don’t like that company and you don’t like its policy, go work somewhere else.” In response to concerned Idahoans who claimed they have a right not to get vaccinated he said, “I have the right not to be infected by somebody that has a communicable disease.”

In fact we believe that Rep. Wood is part of the disease in our legislature. You would think that being a physician he would know that covid can be transmitted as easily by someone who has been vaccinated as someone who has not been vaccinated. Thank the Lord that this man is retiring and will not be running again.

Representative Giddings has been pummeled by a biased media who will do anything to get rid of a Republican representative who is only one of two who have a 100% conservative voting record by the Idaho Freedom Foundation Freedom Index. Here is a link to Representative Giddings comments as she addressed the house before the vote to censure her. We believe that this censure was politically motivated by Speaker Scott Bedke and his crony associates to help him in his bid against Representative Giddings in the race for Lt. Governor. We agree with Rep. Giddings that the ethics committee had the cards stacked against her from the beginning with several inconsistencies. They started by setting up several procedural rules which worked against Giddings defense from the beginning.

  1. The created a rule that Giddings would have to ask for evidence being presented by the prosecution that was being used against her in the complaint yet rule 45 does not require that she ask for this evidence instead it should have been provided to her.
  2. There were accusations on the first page of this report that she had repeatedly lied in testimony she had given when it is against the law to lie to a committee yet they did not charge her with lying or giving false testimony in the report. If she lied why wouldn’t they charge her?
  3. There was the question of the Chairman of the Ethics Committee authorizing and appropriating monies from the legal defense fund when only the House Speaker or Senate Pro Tem are permitted to appropriate these funds.
  4. The question of if Representative Giddings was within her rights to post a link to the article in question on Facebook and in her newsletter is disputable. This article had previously been released to the press by former Attorney General and Lt. Governor LeRoy. This information was already public and therefore could not be called Doxing. In fact Rep. Giddings thought the link to the article was the only story out there that actually told both sides. According to Wikipedia Doxing or doxxing is the act of publicly revealing previously private personal information about an individual or organization, usually through the Internet. Therefore what she did doesn’t even fit the definition of doxing as the information had already been published and was in the public eye.

Rep. Giddings being a conservative who has actually read our constitution and believes in due process. The media were assassinating the character of Rep. von Ehlinger as they were only telling one side of the story. If there is no due process and only one side of a story is told we might just as well be living under communist rule. It was not much different when Rep. Giddings was accused of Doxing and was tried and convicted in the liberal media in a feeding frenzy to smear this staunch conservative republican who is running for Lt. Governor. The house spent $63,000 of our tax dollars to censure representative Giddings for trying to give a collogue an even chance to defend himself as the press were beating the daylights out of him.

We continue to believe that this whole fiasco was politically motivated because the house speaker is running for the same position of Lt. Governor as Representative Giddings. We say shame on the ethics committee for their decision to censure and shame on Bedke for allowing this political theatre to go on wasting our tax dollars. It is just this type of behavior that needs to be fixed by getting rid of the republican progressives who are a plague in our legislature. Just take a look at how your republican legislators were scored in last year’s Freedom Index by the Idaho Freedom Foundation. It tells the whole story of why our state is turning BLUE. Here is a link to the index. Read it and Weep.

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